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Thread: cross

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    do you wear a cross or not.

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    Senior Member wtf's Avatar
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    I wear a tiny diamond cross, I never take it off.

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    No, but I sit in one.

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    I have 2 that I wear almost all the time...a celtic one and a claddagh one...I've always had a cross that I wore, they've kinda evolved over time...I just recently found all of my jewelry & realized just how many I actually own...I was kinda surprised, but glad that I found a couple that had been missing for years...
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    I don't anymore...mine was a star of David with a cross in the friend had that tattoo on his arm after I told him not to put my name or face on his body...I was wearing it at the time that I met him...

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    i have some but i don't wear them. the cross kind of got ruined for me by someone in my early adolescence.
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    I wear the Hand of Fatima
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    No I do not.
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    I don't wear one, but I carry one made of nails in my pocket.
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    no......liz, what is that ?...i mean whats it represent ?

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