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Thread: Urologist Horror Stories

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    Urologist Horror Stories

    I am hearing more and more horrible stories from SCI patients who went to urologists that were not experienced with this patient population. Some have irreversable damage others were led down a path that was temporarily bad until they went to an experienced doctor or nurse. Just look at this forum . When you type in UTI for a search there are thousands and thousands of posts of people who their doctor must not of been able to help. We need a true educational model for all urologists to folow for SCI care. Can anybody share their negative experiences due to a urologist's bad advice or care?

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    Here's mine copied and edited from an old post.

    The last cystoscopy I had was about 15 years ago when they butchered me. My blood squirted 12 feet across the exam room floor and six feet up the wall. The only good thing about the experience was the physician's assistant, that is to say "Roger the Butcher", who shoved the cystoscope into me, got a good shot of blood on him too. To stop the bleeding and get a Foley in place (I intermittently cath) I needed emergency surgery. I got the worst AD I ever experienced on that doctor's surgical table. He was wielding these barbaric looking spring-like steel implements along with another type of cystoscope while the nurse squeezed several bags of saline solution as hard as she could into me to allow the doctor to see what he was doing through all the blood. How they got all that stuff up my penis at the same time I haven't a clue... well yes I do... brute force. They brought in the janitor's bucket to catch all the blood mixed with saline solution that was coming out of me and pouring onto the floor. Quite the mess. I still remember good ol' Dr. L**ke the urologist saying.... "Hang in there Bob, we're almost done." I went through about 30 minutes of hearing that bullshit with what felt like a sledge hammer being slammed onto my head.... I may have fell unconscious for a little while... it's hard to remember since I was in so much pain.

    Still bleeding I asked them for a couple towels to throw on the car seat to keep from staining them. By this time it was getting kinda late (5'ish) and as I was transferring into the car I could hear the key turn locking the front door of the butcher's office. Then they had the nerve to charge Medicare and me for their mistake. I was also charged for the return visit to have the Foley removed. Oh, and after all of that I never actually got the cystscopy although I was billed for it. They couldn't possibly see a thing in my bladder with all the blood they forced in there. What a racket these doctor's have.
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    Moved to the Doctors and Clinics forum.

    Please do NOT include names or identifying data as this could lead to physicians taking legal action against the CareCure site and the Keck Center for defamation or libel.


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    We have a urologist here in Vancouver who has the market cornered on sci patients. But that doesn't make him a good urologist. I dumped him 10 years ago for another, more patient friendly urologist and I couldn't be happier. My point is that experience is not the only factor to consider.

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    I haven't find any urologist here yet who knows anything about SCI. And the waiting list to my local hospital is 20 weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    We have a urologist here in Vancouver who has the market cornered on sci patients. But that doesn't make him a good urologist. I dumped him 10 years ago for another, more patient friendly urologist and I couldn't be happier. My point is that experience is not the only factor to consider.

    Took the words right out of my mouth! A urologist in stl that has good experience and knowledge of sci is a terrible doctor. While getting my suprapubic catheter put in, he was zipping through the information and would cut me off when asking questions. Then when changing my catheter in office he didnt put any cloths or absorbing material under me so urine and blood was everywhere and all over me. Once this happened he rushed out of the room leaving THE DOOR OPEN and me exposed to the world. That was the last straw and I now see someone with less sci experience, but he's not a bumbling idiot.
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    Yes we do not have to name names. It would be productive to have urologists properly trained in the needs of the SCI patient. I hope the patients who do see doctors and nurses that know the proper care appreciateit and can share to others what to look for when they do seek out a doctor.


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