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Thread: C2 complete with feeling??

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    C2 complete with feeling??

    My dad is a C2 complete ,but he says he can tell when somethings wrong with his bladder or when his stomache hurts, is this possible?
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    If by "complete" you mean that his ASIA Impairment Scale (AIS) is ASIA A, yes, that is possible. In order to be called an ASIA B (sensory incomplete) he would have to have normal sensation directly around his anus. Without this, even if he has sensation in other areas, his injury is classified as ASIA A (complete). I assume he does not have normal sensation everywhere?

    Bladder fullness is stretch sensation, which is posterior column information indicating that he might have a anterior cord syndrome type injury. It may be that he just gets AD when something is wrong with his bladder too, and is calling that (incorrectly) sensation. Visceral (organ) sensation varies. Is he on a ventilator (if he is complete motor-wise that would be the case at C2)?


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