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Thread: Dreams

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    Do you ever have dreams that your walking? I have had only one dream of me in a chair, but the rest are me walking fine, with a limp in my left leg (which is really tore up right now) and just walking a little slower than others in my dream. In my dreams I know that im walking this way because I was in a wheelchair. This kinda freaks me out making me think walking is possible and wondering if anyone else has these types of dreams.

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    This should be studied by some psych person. I've been post over 25 years and have had less than a dozen chair dreams, and i still get up from it.
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    I had a walking dream just 3 weeks after my f'd surgery. I actually awoke and thought that my being para'd was the dream and my dream was my awake state. Gawd what a screwed up morn that was. It was the morning they upped my effexor. since then (18 months ago) I've only had 2 more "walking " dreams. They're still freaky.

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    fishin guy, yes that one sucks. I have had that one. I can run in my dreams. and im usually thin.

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    I have never had a dream of myself in the chair. In the beginning I just assumed it was because more of my life had been spent walking than riding, but now time has flipped that quite dramatically (17 years walking, 42 years chair) and when I dream I am still walking, although there are the occasional weird dreams where I seem a little stuck in quicksand or mud, but I am still standing!

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    I'm pretty sure we've been here before and I think the preponderance of people’s dreams came out as walking ones. I've always been perfectly functional in my dreams, and only once had one that I even was aware that walking differed from the norm for me. Just like I find it telling that my grandmother never seemed to remember I had any problems or ominous diagnoses, I think my dream mind is just revealing its wisdom -- that this is just a temporary state of affairs, trivial to the real things in my life.

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    In most my dreams I can walk but never a "normal" walk I always have a limp or walk with crutches something like that. I have some dreams where I am using the wheelchair but can get up and walk also. Its odd
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    In some of my dreams about halfway through I realize I've left my chair somewhere and it freaks me out.

    What I find odd is that I have had some dreams of people on here, even some I haven't met, and they aren't in chairs either.
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    I am 12 year post c5 c6 quad and still have dreams walking normal.When I wake up I wished I had not wake up and continued dreaming.

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    I dream that i'm walking most nights, thats if I get any sleep. But when I do i'm either walking and knowing I shouldn't be or walking and running but with somekind of limp. The funny thing is the chair is always around, like I need it or it's following me, and another one is that I need the toilet and can't find one or get to it because of steps even though i'm walking ha ha.
    Wish I would get some dreams I was getting some action, but I guess I always wake up just when it starts to get good, sooo damn annoying LOL.
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