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    Hey guys and girls, I am a new member to the sci forums. I have been lurking on and off for about a year on here but have never registered until now. Anyways lets get to the "good" part. My name is zach and I am 21 years old. In june of 2007 I was in a MVA. I broke my T11, Burst Fractured by T12, and broke my L1. I had 2 surgeries that fused my back up and I am an incomplete.

    Here is the run down of what happened incase anyone is interested. My buddy was driving a new mustang that his parents bought him, he decided to top it out and he drove it into a ditch at very high speeds. Moral of the story, we made impact and I couldn't move anything below my waste.

    Here is the interesting part though, I hesitate to tell people this at times but I feel that it is necessary. I WAS paralyzed after the car accident, after the first surgery, after the second surgery and for more then 3 weeks. I was holding up mentally very well and never for a moment thought I would stay paralyzed. However one night I broke down and started crying, thinking about how I would never walk/drive/run/etc again. My mother prayed for me and the next morning the nurse came in to do my "excersize" with my legs, and my right foot twitched. Long story short, I was able that morning to move my own foot.

    After intense work and determination I am up and walking unassisted. I walk with a limp on my right leg and have a few issues. They seem minor but they add up and still effect my life. I can't bend my toes very much on my right foot, I can't stand on my tippy toes so to speak on either leg, they just aren't strong enough, my hip flexors on my right leg are either paralyzed still or so weak that it causes me to walk with a limp, I walk flat footed because the muscles in my ankle/feet/calf are not strong enough to "push off" with my toes.

    I do have 100% full control of my bladder, however it is not the same as it used to be. I have to kinda push a little bit to urinate and it takes me a little bit longer to get the flow started and sometimes the flow will just randomly stop. I am also fortunate enough to have bowl control to a certain extent. My sphinxtor muscle does not work, however I know when I have to go to the bathroom. Its hard to explain but its just the feeling like ya gotta go, however I can't STOP from going. I get the feeling with plenty of time, like 20 minutes before anything starts to come out on its own so I don't have any accidents. I know when I need to be on the toilet and when I can wait another minute, etc.

    The main thing that I am dealing with currently though is extremely bad nueropathic pain in my legs. The pain is below my waist but is most intense below my knees. I haven't been diagnosed with RSD yet, however I have a very good feeling that I have it. I have almost every symptom of rsd and have the burning feeling in my legs.

    I am on oxy contin 40mg twice a day and valume 10mg as needed or every 4 hrs. The oxy contin helps kill the pain but kinda wears off. I know that oxy contin is a narcotic and there are other options like nerotin and guavapentin however I am very very very hesitant to taking those two medications. I found my mother on the floor foaming from the mouth, the cause was nerotin. I probably wouldn't have the same reaction, however I am pretty hesitant to find out as you can imagine.

    Anyways this is really long now and I told myself I wasn't going to write a novel and that I was just going to introduce myself. I do have a question or two though if anyone might be able to help.

    I am looking for a way to strengthen my hip flexors on my right leg, and the rest of my leg muscles. Is there anything specific that anyone recommends?

    When I walk, I am turning my right foot outward because its not strong enough to keep straight and push off, hence how I can't stand on my tippy toes.

    I hope that makes sense and I really hope that I can strengthen the muscles in my right leg and my hip flexor on my right side. Thanks for listening!

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    Man , you have had the grace of God on your side. This goes to show that all injuries don't have the same outcomes. In other words, you may not think this is correct, but you are one lucky dude. It could be so much worse. I really envy you bowel control.
    Welcome to the room, I'm sure some of the Dr or nurses will be able to give recommendations on exercises for the flexors. My thinking is at a gym try the flexor machines, my dtr calls them the gynocological work out, it's like the Suzanne Sommers thighmaster, presses , works the legs inward and outward. My therapists biggie is lay on edge of the bed, dangle one leg and pull the other to your chest, that'll strech the bejezus out of the flexor. good luck man.

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    Thanks for the kind words! I know I am one lucky sob when it comes being able to walk, having the bladder control etc. It didn't all come so easy, like the bladder control. That took several months of painful cathing before I was able to basically "mind control" my way back into the "normal" way of things so to speak. It was really weird, one day i just refused to cath and told myself I could pee normally, however I couldn't. I layed in bed for like 4 hrs telling my urin to flow through and go into the container, no luck. After about 18hrs of my stubborness I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up having to pee so bad I thought my badder was going to explode lol. I grabbed the cath supplies next to my bed but new I wasn't going to make it, so I ditched the cath supplies, grabbed a mountain dew bottle and continued to urinate in that! LoL, that was probably one of the happiest days of my life in all seriousness. Since then I have never had to cath.

    Thanks for the hip flexor suggestions, mine are EXTREMELY weak. So weak that gravity is hard to go against. I want to find a machine that will work my hipflexors, but if I can barely lift my leg up against gravity, I don't think I will be able to leg press in 5lbs lol. Maybe I will swing by the gym today and see what I can do though.

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    Its great you've had a remarkable recovery. I have a friend at the same level, he was hurt racing on his dirtbike, he also has had the same amount of recovery as you. He does have some pain issues and he uses pot to help with that, I know he told me he uses some kind of brace that helps him walk but I'm not always listening to what he's telling me. He just returned to do therapy, he's hoping to get good enough at walking that he doesn't need the wc anymore. Continued success with your recovery, I hope it all comes back for you.

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    I find my trike does a lot for tone. and when I am able to trike regularly, I am able to walk better. I really love my trike.

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    That's a pretty nice setup you have there. I tried riding a bike in walmart awhile back and my balance was way off, I tried roller bladding in walmart too that day, no luck with that either lol. I am sure I could get used to a bicycle again and ride it, but I am a little bit afraid of falling in all honesty lol. As I said in my post above I don't have control of my sphinxtor muscle, and I don't have like the ability to squeeze my butt cheeks together. Sorry to be so graphic but its the easiest way for me to explain it lol. Anyways I have lost my butt completly, like its just skin/muscle/bone. There is no fat there, no cushin, nothing. It really sucks too because if I sit on a hard surface, I am sitting on just my tail bone. I dunno, this is a little more of a rant then anything I guess lol, I have no idea where I was going with this. Oh ya, if I fall off the bike, then I might break my tail bone, or if I fall on my a$$ in general, it will probably break. Like I said, I have nothing on my bottom lol.

    Anyways thank you for all of the support, and the help! I guess my biggest question or the thing I am most concerned with is how I am going to build up a muscle that might be paralyzed. I don't know if my hip flexor is paralyzed on my right side or not, but I need to get it stronger so I can walk as if I was AB again.

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    You might check into Lyrica for the leg pain. My Dr. put me on it about 6 months ago and it has help remarkably! It also has taken away alot of the burning too. Sounds like you really been through it. I am a T12 "burst" incomplete as the result of a Motorcyle Vrs a little old lady!!

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