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Thread: hey new to carecure but not SCI

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    hey new to carecure but not SCI

    Hi my names jessica im a c5 quad almost 4 years post but its still not easy. I still go to rehab 2 times a week. Im 19 years old and doing a little college. I live in CA, i was paralyzed in a car acident when I was in high school in NJ. just looking to talk to some people like me send me a line tell me about you and your story thanks all.


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    Welcome to Care Cure Jessica! This is a great place for info, make sure you come back and explore here. There are alot of good people here that are more than willing to help you in any aspect of your SCI. Got to tell you it breaks my heart to see you young people here!

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    Welcome young lady, sorry bout yur injury, I hate to hear of young people being injured, juist not fair, but life isn't in many ways. Main thing is the attitude afterward. It happened, and no going back, just go forward. Finish school, fight hard for everything in life. Strength, friendships, courage, you deserve everything anybody else gets, go for it.
    Come here often, there is alot of young people on here, they'll help you with any and all aspects of your life.
    Good luck in rehab, and life, keep up the hard work, and again, welcome. Ask any and all questions.

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    Welcome, Jessica! I'm new here, too. My dad was just recently in an accident that left him a C5 quad as well. I have found this place to be invaluable so far!

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    hi jessica

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    Welcome Jessica, this is a great place for information and everyone here are very nice and there is a wealth of information to be shared!

    Kelly Kennedy

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    Hi Jessica and welcome to Cara Cure. I'm newer to both Care Cure, a couple months now, and my spinal cord injury, almost a year now. 24 year old quad from B.C. Canada and looking to go back to college myself.
    And will you succeed? Yes! You will indeed! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed ... Dr. Seuss - Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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    Welcome, Jessica. Glad you found this place, but sorry you had reason to. You'll find a wealth of info here.

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    Hi Jessica and welcome to CC.
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