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Thread: "V" front end vs. tapered front end

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    "V" front end vs. tapered front end

    What are the functional differences between V" front end and "tapered" front end? I can't see differences neither in legs posture nor in chair maneuvrability.


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    I think there no difference, it`s only for if you like one or other

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    I found a tapered front kept my legs together better, rather than the gradual 'V' shape, which allows your knees to spread more.



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    wow, lol I thought they were one in the same, geez I just learned something, thanks for the pic.

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    V end

    I have a Tilite Evo with a V-front end (no seat taper) and it accommodates when my hips abduct, that is, when my legs spread out at the knees. I would definitely have pressure issues if there was a kink front tube. I'm ordering a new ZRA soon and will go for a V again I think. Switching to a ROHO Hybrid Elite also helped a bunch with this problem in my power chair as the front half of the cushion is contouring foam, rather than all air cells, which partially caused my knees to separate.

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    I think most people only think of the visual differences between the "V" and "tapered" footrest configurations, but as a couple people have mentioned there are functional differences as well. Everyone has different needs, both styles have pro's and con's. The key features I can think of are:

    More height adjustable
    Can hold feet in place better
    Can limit knee "spread"
    Potential pressure point at "kink"

    No pressure points
    Easier to get feet in/out of
    Simpler frame design

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