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Thread: Banded haemorrhoids

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    Banded haemorrhoids


    I had some bands put in about 10 hours ago and managed to come away from the hospital without enough info on what to do the next day. I'll be ringing them tomorrow, but was hoping to get some advice on here before getting washed in the morning...

    They've put some packing in my bum and I am unsure whether I should get it taken out tomorrow or the next day (and if so, how, just pull it out ?) Or if I should wait until Saturday which is my next day bowel day (I'm a C4-5 quad with a neurogenic bowel). If I wait I'm worried the packing may stimulate my bowel to work beforehand.

    So... any advice would be appreciated!

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    Tanker, I've had my 'roids banded several times. Always been an office procedure lasting maybe 30 minutes. I typically just left his office (feeling a little clammy) and continued my normal daily activities. I've always shit the next day using a suppository and GENTLE digital stimulation without any problems. Never had packing up my ass. Never bleeding afterwards.

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    Thanks smokey, turns out it was just a small amount of packing which came out easily, but it also had stimulated my bowel, luckily it worked when I got up on the commode for a shower. Only minimal bleeding.. hopefully the bands do the job for a while. I couldn't afford to go on losing blood like I was!

    How often have you had to get the bands done?


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    Tanker, My colo-rectal doc banded my internal 'roids maybe 5 times over the course of 10 years. He said by banding the internal also reduces pressure on the external ones too. Haven't had my external 'roids sliced off yet. From what I gather you have to do a complete bowel prep to clean out your guts. Then they cut off your external 'roids and you're not supposed to shit for maybe 4 days. They give you codiene or some other constipating agent. Sounds rather unpleasant to me.

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    Yeah the haemorrhoidectomy (think that's what it's called, good old voice recognition software for the spelling!) sounds like nasty stuff, hope I don't need that any time soon as I reckon that would play havoc with my body. The blood pressure problems have been bad enough this time around with just the banding.


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    If you can manage to put off your bp for a day or two, I find that helps results. It really gives the bands a chance to "sink-in" and clamp the roids off. If you are not careful, you may dislodge a band or two doing bp the next day.

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