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Thread: Any Classical Music Fans/musicians?

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    Any Classical Music Fans/musicians?

    I mostly listen to Classical, from Bach to Bartok.
    Play classical guitar ( I know Dale does too). But really trying to listen to chamber music rather than symphonic stuff. Anybody else out there with this affliction?

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    Thou art not the only soul similarly afflicted.

    *Don't mind me. The cabin and nature tend to do this to me.

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    Alright, LMChose.
    Here are a few pieces that make living worth while:
    all 16 Beethoven string quartets but especially the late ones.
    Goldman Piano Variations, Bach
    Samuel Barber - violin concerto
    Brahms - basically everything he has ever published and did not burn.
    Bartok - 6 string quartets
    Shostakovich - both violin concertos, cello concerto and let's throw in his 2 piano concertos
    When I was struggling with neuropathic pain and the meds could only do so much, these pieces helped me get through it all.
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    2 of my favorites that you didn't mention are Handel's Water Music and Vivaldi's Four Seasons. I swear John Williams got the Jaws theme from one of the movements.

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    Natalie A - if you like Vivaldi's 4 seasons, check out Vivaldi's 'guitar concerto' somehow. There is a classical guitarist with the name of John Williams (a different guy than the composer you mentioned) and he has an amazing version of Vivaldi's guitar concerto. It is pretty joyous.

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    Oh, I forgot one thing. Youtube is great for listening to (free) classical music. I just did a search on youtube of vivaldi guitar concerto and you can watch and listen to it.

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    Thanks I'll check it out I love guitar. From classical to SRV to Alexi Laiho. Not that many would know him. LOL

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    Claire de Lune & Moonlight Sonata! I love piano pieces.
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    Lynnifer ! - Debussy's Claire de Lune is too good for this earth. There is a lot of Debussy's piano music that is up to that quality. His 'Images' and book of Preludes. Really can't go wrong there.
    The Moonlight Sonata - okay, now you have to treat yourself to Big Beethoven's other 31 piano sonatas. While I was recovering from this last spine surgery this spring and I was in bed a lot, I did an internet, ipod lecture series on Beethoven's 32 piano sonatas - the group of them span his whole career and are a window into his creativity, the piano was his music laboratory.

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    Pachelbel's Canon. It's my absolute fave.

    I once had a CD with nothing, but variations of it. That CD certainly got a workout. I would study by it as it seemed to provide an atmosphere conducive to preparation and thinking.

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