This is in response to an earlier post I made about Bikram Yoga.

After some deliberation, I decided to see if my body could withstand temperatures of 40C (105F) for ninety minutes. I used three space heaters, plus a blasting hot shower in a small bathroom in my house. I monitored temperature the entire time.

I must say that I felt great afterward. My sweating bellow my injury was not as plentiful as it was above my injury, but my lower body sweat consistently in all areas. I have a T5/6 Complete spinal cord injury.

Next week I start work in a studio, moving around into different postures. I'm excited to see how it goes. And I'll keep you all updated.


"Iā€™m interested in people who havenā€™t walked for years, who are in a wheelchair. Let me see what I can do with them." --Bikram Choudhury.