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    Medical Lift

    Hello Everyone, I am a new member to your Community. My name is Jim Granger. I represent a new company with a new concept in a patient lift system. I want to let anyone and everyone that has a need know about this lift, It works. Please visit our web sight at or if you have any questions email me at and ill be glad to assest you to the best I can. I look foward to being a part in this community. Thank you, Jim Granger

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    Normally advertising on our forums is not allowed and removed as spam. We will leave this one this time just so people can check out your product, but in the future, please do not include links to your company or solicit business here. Thanks.


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    Thank you KLD for leaving my thread. i Applogize and I promise that my intention was not to solicit but truley give a lot of people hope.We are a new company and I need all the help I can in order to get the news out about this lift. Thank you again, Jim

    . I look foward to being able to message with you in the future and again thank you
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