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Thread: New Member-Where to begin?

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    New Member-Where to begin?

    Hello everyone. A very close friend of mine was in a terrible accident at work last August, leaving him with a spinal cord injury. He is pretty much paralyzed from the neck down with some limited movement in his shoulders, neck and biceps. I found this site while browsing the Internet doing some research. It seems like an extremely wonderful site, but I am a little overwhelmed! Does anyone have any advice for a newbie on where to begin here? Every section seems so helpful, I just don't know where to start!


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    Hey welcome to Care Cure! tons of information just start reading and posting the chatroom is a good place to start!

    goodluck kohl

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    Pends on your interests....but first welcome to the CC community, damn shame about your friend. Ask any questions you may have, and if you need to vent, let it rip! Please do not feel you are alone, most here have gone through the hell that your friend is living. The Care, Exercise, Sport, Caregiver sections will maybe get you in the right direction to start. But please ask questions...we are all here to help each other, and lean on each other...take care, and best of luck to the both of ya'll.....

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    Get your friend on-line here. I assume if he was injured at work that he has Worker's Comp and a decent case manager, already had good rehab at a specialty SCI rehabilitation center, and has a computer that he can use independently. If not, there is a problem.

    You might want to start reading Dr. Young's articles on our home page. This will give you a solid foundation in SCI anatomy and pathophysiology so you know better what to ask.


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    Welcome and sorry ya had to find us. Your right, there is a ton of info in here. Very knowledgable people here. I learned alot. Still am. And no two injuries are the same.

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    Welcome to CC. This is the best web site for SCI and great people here. You can find almost everything that you need to know about SCI. It depends on your interest and how much time you have each as much as you can.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I am looking forward to learning from all of you here. He does have worker's comp and is currently at the Kessler Institute in NJ, and has web access there. Unfortunately I am 7 hours away, so I am trying to get some of the closer folks to get him on here, I think he would benefit greatly. Anyway, thanks again!

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    Yes, get him on here. I'm a C5 and this place helped me immensely when I was in a dark place because of my injury. My life isn't nearly as good as it was, but it's much better than I thought possible.

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    thanks Mike for the hopeful outlook

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