We were heading for Houston yesterday in the motorhome. When we stopped at a rest stop about 80 miles out of Dallas, I heard a hissing coming from the control box. Ahh shit. Controls were still working, but the pump was working at about 100% duty cycle, and was only keeping pressure about 60lbs, "full" is 80lbs.

I took the cover off and feeling around, I found what is either a pinhole leak, or a real tiny missing setscrew hole in the accelerator control valve body, underneath and out of sight.. I could cover with my finger and stop the leak, until pressure got too great, then it would push my finger off. Of course being a saturday afternoon, couldn't get a phone call answered.

Sat there for awhile, contemplating my navel, and wondering if this was going to go "catastrophic" going down the road. Randa hasn't driven it so we would be stuck(good reason to teach her...).

I thought well maybe I can slow the leak, by putting duct tape on it and cinching it with a zip tie. At first it did no good, but when I moved the handle back and forth, all of a sudden it sealed almost completely, there must be a vacuum at some point and it sucked the tape in a little?

We decided to come back home and abort the trip, rather be broken down at/near home. We made it fine, with my patch holding the whole way.

So; this control valve, "looks" straight forward, a "screw on" end on one side, and 2 tubing connectors on the other. If I take it off, do you think I will be able to get them to send me a part, or are they going to say "this work must be done at an auth dealer"? If I take the part off, and my fix off the part, I won't be able to take it in.