somebody wrote on another website there was a new e-motion m12 battery in the works this is alber's response.

I assume that your customers have heard about the new e-motion M15 and its new battery. But unfortunately the M15 battery is not compatible with e-motion M12. Not only the shape is different, the Li-Ion-batteries of M15 do also require a complex electronics to survey each single battery cell. So there will be no possibility to make them useable by an M12 customer.

The “real” M12 batteries have not been changed and probably will not in the future. All the battery manufacturers are focussing on Li-Ion technology, so there will probably no significant development of the performance of the Nickel-Metal-Hydrid batteries we use in M12. We will surely be able to supply them as spare parts until approx. 2015, but more or less on the existing performance level.

the new e-motion m15's have an optional extra remote control with a bracket to fix to wheechair. according to the manual you need this remote to operate the anti roll back feature and to alternate between high/low speed. carrying a remote around sounds impractical to me. here's the manual and let me know if anyone knows anything to the contrary