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Thread: bacteria in blood

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    bacteria in blood

    Does anyone know about bacteria in bloodstream? The Dr. just told me that my husband has two different kinds of bacteria in his blood. He has a c5 c6 incomplete injury. He wont go back to hospital and I am reading that this can be fatal. Thanks in advance. the bacteria is pseudamonas aeruginosa and enterococcus.
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    Yes and yes .... this needs immediate attention! If this isn't treated he will become septic .... not good !! Go to the ER .... now ... he needs IV antibiotics now ! All the best ..... now get going!

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    Obieone is so right -- your hubby needs to get to the hospital and get IV antibiotics started NOW. By definition, he is already septic (sepsis denotes the presence of bacteria in the blood), a condition which can have a mortality rate as high as 60 percent. Since he is infected with not one but two different types of bacteria -- not to mention that one of them is the nasty, most dreaded pseudomonas -- he will probably need to be on multiple IV meds for an extended period of time.

    Here's more info about this condition:

    Don't take too long to read it, though -- get him to the ER now. Call for an ambulance if necessary because every minute counts.

    Please let us know what happens -- I'll be thinking of you both.


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    Sepsis almost killed my son...he was completely out of his mind for 3 days...Please get your husband to the hospital ASAP...

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    I almost died because of this and I was already in the hospital when they discovered this, so please, please, please get your husband to the hospital. Perhaps his refusal may be an impairment as a result of the bacteria affecting his decision-making abilities. I know that I wasn't in my right mind when I was sick.

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    Blood stream in infections require iv antibiotic treatment and are very serious. This will not go away without treatment. He need to go to the ED immediataly. Once the treatment is started, he does not necessarily have to remain in the hospital the whole time. Do not put this off.


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    I hope you guys called an ambulance!!! Please let us know how this turned out.

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    Any word out there about how you are doing? I do hope that you ran to the nearest hospital!

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    I sure hope they did. I had a surgical wound that was wide open for months. Pic line 7 times. he prolly go home in a week or so. My fishing buddies would just shake their heads at me. We'd go fishing, i'd push the time limit, so on the way home, hook up bag with paper clips or fishing gear to sun visor. clean up, hang it and drip in on the way home. Git er done! my dtr was a pro at wound care.Dr taught her to tell what infection by smell. Pseudomonas= smell of grapes.

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    God Bless

    Want to thank all of you guys, my husband did finally agree to go to hospital, only after I read a few of your replies to him. He is at home now on iv antibiotics. He now has 3 different kinds of bacteria in his blood and on two different antibiotics, zosyn and vancomyn. He feels a little better and no fever. I think he is over the worst part. I think he got the 3rd bacteria from hospital so they finally agreed to send him home and let me give meds. At least he can get sleep here.

    Thanks again, I feel a little more secure knowing I can post here and people who have been there will help. They put a pik line in, which is scary, but whatever they have to do. I worry about all this med and how it will affect his kidneys, cant wait until he is off of them.

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