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Thread: Feedback needed for new power chair

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    Feedback needed for new power chair


    I am a t2-t7 para, 23 months post. I have been in a quick II manual since my situation occurred. I have had a pressure ulcer on my left heel for 20 months and it hasn't heeled due to edema. Elevating my legs in my home based hospital bed hasn't worked due to my lack of range of motion at my knees. (I hope I am making sense.) My foot doc wrote a script for a chair due to the medical need to elevate my legs. My PCP is having me have a consultation with a "physical medicine & rehabilitation" doc.

    My first question is, in a nutshell, what do I need to look out for with this power chair and secondly what is a "physical medicine & rehabilitation" doc?

    Thanks in advance for you're feedback!


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    Hi Mike, a physical medicine and rehab doc is called a psysiatrist, a doctor who has done extensive study on issues having to do with rehab and rehab medicine. What you want in a power chair largely depends on your living situation. For example, there are some chairs that are rear wheel drive and have four wheels total. There are other chairs, like mine, that are mid wheel drive, and have a total of six wheels. The mid wheel allows a smaller turning radius, but is a longer chair. Do you have enough space to maneuver? Are you planning on using this chair exclusively, or just until your ulcer heals? A chair with "tilt-in-space" recline offers better protection for your butt as the whole chair tilts but keeps your knees and hips in the same position, unlike a simple chair that merely reclines. They tend to put extra pressure on your tailbone. Write more and I can try to be more specific.

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