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Thread: Remote gadget ideas

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    Remote gadget ideas

    I've been searching for some time now for some sort of device that I could use to contact someone/helper/PCA that is nearby perhaps a floor or a block away other than a cell phone (for safety reasons).

    Unfortunately, my cell phone use is rather poor -- some days I can make it fly by using my knuckles and having attached to my wheelchair and on other days with high spasticity it is not worth the effort or I am not reliable.

    I guess what I'm looking for is just simply a button that would relay a signal to a remote device -- either something that would light up, blink, buzz or beep. with all the contraptions out there -- it is amazing when you're looking for something that is just incredibly simple.

    Any ideas -- anyone?

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    I am moving this over to the Equipment forum.

    For shorter distances (such as next door) you can use a baby monitor or wireless doorbell. For distances such as you are describing, then either a cell phone or walkie-talkie (which of course would need to be turned on at both ends) would probably be a better option.

    My mother has a wire-less door bell button at her bedside which she can use to summon her live-in PCA at night if needed (who sleeps at the other end of the house).


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    thanks for your thoughts. I'm looking for some sort of device that would be portable. Maybe a walkie-talkie -- with 1 button, would work best. Any suggestions?

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    We have a pair of cheap walkie-talkies. One sits in its charging cradle in my son's room and is kept turned on all the time. My wife has the other next to her. They are rotated every week or so, to keep the battery in hers charged up. You might need to experiment a little to find a frequency not commonly in use near you. Many have a coded beeper built in, so it would be very unlikely that anyone else would trigger your alarm "beep".
    - Richard

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    Look at some stuff called X10 they may have something that would work.

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    I picked up a RadioShack walkie-talkie set and I think this may work pretty well. I just need to custom fabricate some sort of bracket for both my power and manual chair. I'm thinking about just swinging by my old mountain bike dealer for ideas how to jerry rig it up. Thanks guys.

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    I had these cool hand held cb radios. they worked very well and had a decent distance. ran on aa bats. I am looking for another pair for the folk fest. I think I paid 40.00 for each at walmart, but didnt see them last time I got out. they worked out very well for me until they were pillaged.

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    Jody, I purchased a third pair down on this link. Something here could work for you as well.

    Bummer about the pillaging. When I used to frequent festivals, I always left with half of what I started with. Watch out for the marauders!

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