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Thread: What is wrong with me.

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    483 of all people can handle this. You'll get over it, and life will go on. And just to make sure, I'll add a little prayer for you tonight. Can't hurt. Stay strong!
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    Hang in there Geno! You are one strong dude! You will overcome this!
    "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing's going to get better. It's not." - Dr. Seuss

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    Vd, have u been checked for osteo, i asked this b4. It can really wack your body. If im not mistakin u have had open wounds for a while, correct. Seriously get that checked. W/ you5 active fitness lifesytyle etc you should be healthier rep
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    Healing thoughts Geno ...... !! And just for the record Bill gets that same action at the rear too every now and again .... he has an ileostomy .... its normal but a real pain in the butt 'till its done ...... now you just take your medicine and be good .... and rest mister rest !

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    Thanks everyone.

    I needed blood due to my wounds being scrapped so much.The doctor thinks the Lipo-6 I used to get shred could have screwed up my metabolism.So we are checking into that.

    The IV antibods seem to be working.I'm shred like a razor.Not the way I wanted.I'll start packing on the size on soon again.

    I'll keep updating.
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    Geno, sorry to hear. I hope you recover soon. What the hell is clay stool? How do you get it and how is it resolved?

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    Heal quickly Geno!

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    Oh, man! I hope you feel better soon.

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    Be Strong , Bro! Prayers for ya!

    Sounds like the lipo 6 made you piss so much it dehydrated you to the point of anemia and constipation. Most pro's go heavy on the Broccoli and spinach to counteract that.

    when do you get released?


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    So, how was the rodeo?

    I have a colostomy d occasionally I have discharge from my rectum (sp?). If I let it build up, I'll start having bladder spasms like crazy. At first I thought the spasms just meant an oncoming UTI, then I realized the spasming would stop if I "clean out".

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