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Thread: Alcohol and UTIs

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    Alcohol and UTIs

    Does alcohol make us Scis more susceptible to Uti? Four days ago I got extremely drunk. I dont drink too often. I self cathed twice that day which is the norm for me. I made sure my hands were clean and all. I drank alot of water that night also. The next day I felt fine, no hang over. Two days later I began to get fever and the chills. Today, which makes it four days since I got wasted, I was told by my urologist that I have a Uti. I use to catch Utis frequently until I started taking cranberry pills, Vitamin c pills, and multi vitamins. It makes me wonder if The Uti was caused by the alcohol. I really appreciate any and all feedback on this matter. Thanks.

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    I'd have them all the time if so, and I rarely ever get one. It's possible the alcohol made you less careful when you did the cath though.

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    alcohol also DEHYDRATES your body
    drinnk water w/ your booze
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    I dont think there aer any major studies showing that alcohol increases your risk for UTI, though antecdotally I hear people say both that drinking alot of alcohol does them more UTI's and others that say drinking a beer daily helps them ward of uti's.

    So, again, everyone is different. If you find this repeatedly, I would avoid drinking alot of alcohol. Remember, drink lots of water after alcohol and everything in moderation is a good rule to live by!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liz321 View Post
    alcohol also DEHYDRATES your body
    drinnk water w/ your booze
    good advice
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