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    home care business for the elderly?How much does it cost?

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    Well we don't have a lot of "elderly" people here, but if you are asking how to set up a business providing home care for people with disabilities or seniors, you first would need to determine what services you would be providing. Skilled nursing? Personal care? Companion/homemaking? Would you be expecting to get insurance reimbursement (skilled care only) or totally private pay? What skills, experience, professional training/licensure do you already have? How much money are you prepared to invest until you are able to make a profit (which could be many months)??

    Do you have a SCI/D or are you already a caregiver for someone with SCI/D? You have not completed anything on your profile, so you will find that people are more likely to discuss your ideas here if you will complete that.


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    Any other questions?
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