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Thread: I walked for first time today

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    I walked for first time today

    I've "walked in the parallel bars before, I had to quit rehab last June, ins. coverage ended for last yr. My first visit to rehab last week, up and a few strolls w/brace on. I made four trips of about 30 feet with a walker and the braces. Oh my gawd.exciting, but exhausting. I was sick for 4 weeks and just made it back into the gym last week. But it's obvious that the workouts really help.
    I fell last month and am having real issues with the back where my hardware is, esp. where the screws are in my left hip.Got a cat scan comin' up to look at the cesspool infection from surgey, so dr will check for damage then also.

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    in a handbasket
    Good to be fully vertical, isn't it? Braces and a walker? Wanna race? Now go celebrate with a wee dram.

    Good for you. Keep on trying.

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    Congrats.... keep up the great work

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    I love to read stuff like this on CareCure .. so often we come here when just bad things happen.

    Good stuff - keep it up!

    I can't believe you've been this long with infection in your back - unreal!!

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    I am happy for you. What kind of braces - KAFOs? Both legs?

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    Thanks all. It's really strange. I sat and remembered first injured and watching people doing what I did,and thinking to myself, wow, look at them, never thought i'd make it.
    KAFO's? not familiar. One velcro's to rt leg and has a locking devise at knee, plastic foot on it, other is below knee(drop foot), but avtually may get away with 2 knee hi's, I've been working the hell outta my rt leg, getting the knee to lock.

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    I'm happy for you!!!
    A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject. ~Winston Churchill

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    congrats, it is quite a feeling of achievement, I had to relearn how to walk again too with a AFO.

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    How exciting! if you were female I'd say YOU GO GIRL...saying you go guy just doesn't sound as exciting but congrats!

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    That's progress and a solid accomplishment taking it outside the p-bars, congrats Keep setting bite sized, attainable goals to work towards and keep up the work. fyi, sounds like you have an AFO on your left and a KAFO (knee-ankle-foot orthosis) on the right. Where are you doing your rehab at?

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