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Thread: SSDI Idiots

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    oh skippy, i hate puzzles like this. i just know STD/LTD policies are tricky and will take advantage of ppl. no one company is the same as another.

    i hope for the best for you. and damn those ins ppl!

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    I don't understand this? I am about to face the same thing. I am supposed to receive an answer from my insurance company about receiving my Long Term Disability in about one month. I don't see how I can be denied since I don't have the ability to sit more then 10 minutes or stand and walk more then 15 minutes. I am scheduled for an additional surgery in a couple of weeks. My short term disability runs out in about one-month. As you can imagine I am in a lot of stress waiting for a decision. I have permanent nerve damage documented by my doctor. I am currently on Lyrica and Hydrocone which don't seem to help with the pain at all. My company requires me to file for social security as well if approved for LTD. I was told the same thing of whatever I collect from SS after approved would be deducted from my insurance. I'm ok with this. I don't understand how your LTD insurance company could end your paychecks from them. I hope this does not happen to me.

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    I meant to say any advice is appreciated. What was the criteria for you getting approved for LTD from you company?

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