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    I wasn't sure whether to ask this in the pain forum, but since it may be a woman-y thing, here goes.

    I have a C-1 complete injury, and according to the few doctors I've asked, I shouldn't feel pain. And yet I do, something down low on my left side, on and off but always worse around my periods. What could this be? Kidney? Ovary? It's getting increasingly severe, and I have no idea what to even test for, much less how to treat it.

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    It is possible you still have some intact viceral (organ) sensation. Before your injury, did you have problems with cramping and a lot of PMS? Do you get AD from this pain as well? Are you sexually active? Could you be pregnant?

    How old are you now? Have you had a recent pelvic exam? Screening for STDs? Abdominal/pelvic ultrasound? It would be important to rule out any actual pathology before just assuming that this is cramping associated with your periods.


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    I'm 34, not sexually active, and the pain is there almost all of the time - it just gets worse around my period. Along with AD and chronic bladder issues. But the pain in my left side doesn't seem to cause AD on its own.

    I'm not sure about organ sensation. I feel cramps and stomach aches, but I also have very bad phantom feelings most of the time (heaviness, sweatiness, general soreness), so it's hard to tell what's actually bugging me.

    My abdominal ultrasounds always come back ok, and I'm scheduled for a pelvic one soon. Also an ablation, which I'm hoping will help somehow.

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