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Thread: new New Mobility

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    new New Mobility

    Anyone seen the new issue yet? I got it in the mail -- it said "sex, wheels and relationships" and I was all excited. Then I opened it and saw that out of five or six couples they write about, zero were disabled female/able-bodied male. Every single one was the other way around. And they also had an article about physical sexual pleasure -- all from/for the male perspective (I can't believe how much literature there is out there concerning erections, relative to the one that talkabout female dis sexuality). I was a little crushed. I don't consider NM to be "the" mag for chair users, but still. I mean, in all that magazine space, you couldn't include *one* disabled female??

    I wonder if it has something to do with how society views women in general: we are pressured to be body-perfect, so perhaps the idea of a female gimp having sex is more unappealing. I know that many male gimps will only date able-bodied women. And women's sexuality in general is not given as much attention and importance as men's; I'm sure that some of this attitude creeps into the disabled community.

    I myself have found literature here and there that deals with women's sexuality post-disability, so it is not necessarily new information I'm looking for, but simple representation. I have found some, but in no where near the same amounts as I have seen about male sexuality post-disability.

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    didn't get my copy yet
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    That's pretty lame. You should write them with what you've posted here. Most SCIs are male, but even if NM was just SCI and not all mobility disabilities, there's no excuse for not including articles about female sexuality in an issue devoted to "Sex, Wheels and Relationships". Lame, lame, lame.

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    that is why I don't subscribe to that magazine lol.

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    still waiting on my'd you get yours so quick? as their website shows the old edition?
    Get involved in politics as if your life depended on it, because it does. -- Justin Dart

    I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.

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    Agree with Laurielou. I'm letting my subscription lapse because I find the content does not speak to me. I was suprised to receive this issue and only skimmed it but found myself thinking the same thing.
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    I let my lapse a few months ago, as I wasn;t finding enough of interest as well,
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    I use to get new mobility years ago and let it lapse but subscribed again last year again I let the subscription run out.
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    maybe it was something innocent like that the writer couldnt find a female willing to discuss sex for the story. Be interesting to hear what they say if you let them know how you feel
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    i agree. i think it is partially bc 80% of the sci population is male. i have some articles on my swite, see (main articles and more under "articles".
    what aspects are you guys interested in?

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