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Thread: Equipment Available

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    Equipment Available

    Does anyone need or want Uppertone gym, Vida Glide, arm bike, 2 manual chairs and a power chair?

    My fiance recently passed away and I need to clear out his aptmt. ASAP. He was tall (6'3") and weighed about 235. I live in NJ.

    Any other ideas on how to get the equipment to someone or an organization who might need it?



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    Very sorry to hear about your fiance. I wish you peace and comfort.

    Regarding the manual chairs, I'd be very interested to know what kind they are and what the measurements are!
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    Im am sorry to hear about your fiance. What kind of manuel chairs are they?

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    where is the equipment located?

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    ill take the vita plz rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    From a small cabin in the big woods of The Allegheny National Forest, PA
    I really need an arm bike for some cardio help.
    Could you please tell me what kind of an arm bike you have.
    Thank you.
    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Betsy, sent you a pm....

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    Where are you located?

    My father's 6'2" and it is hard finding him a used 2nd manual wheelchair, which he needs for the 2nd floor of his house. We've had a few close calls...

    Thanks. Let me know...

    I'm very sorry to hear about your finance. I wish you the best.
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    Betsy, I sent you a personal message with contact information

    I am so sorry for your loss. Please read my personal message.

    Warmest regards,

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    Please don't forget about me. I'm really interested in the manual chairs. You can PM me if you'd like.
    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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