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    Does anyone know if prolapses are more common with SCI/nerve root injuries, or just part of the normal aging process for women (41, no kids)? Also is there anything other than surgery that can treat it (if the pelvic floor muscles aren't working).

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    Rectal prolapse is more common in those with SCI who strain as a method for emptying their bowel and/or bladder, and if you do this, it can also lead to more likely uterine prolapses (which I assume you are talking about). Sometimes a pessary can help with this (talk to your OB/GYN) but often surgery is needed. It is important to not continue to strain for bowel/bladder care though as this can undo the results of the surgery.


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    Thanks for the info. Finally had follow up appointment and it turns out to be a bladder prolapse. My Gyn said that the urodynamics showed a very weak bladder with retention around 110-120 mL and very poor stream. He suggested that any attempt at repair of the prolapse was likely to make voiding more difficult if not impossible (I didn't quite follow this) but that the current level of function was OK and not likely to cause any further problems and I shouldn't worry about it. I asked about straining and he said it was OK? So now I am a little confused - do I live with the inconvenience and occasional accident or should I follow up further with someone else. To be honest, I am a little over doctors and just want to get on with life.

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