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Thread: What chair do you roll in?

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    This' my wheelchair a model Otto Bock Voyager these are some photos I took in Rome in September 2008 when Bill Lasher and 'came to Italy and I met in Rome to
    try his wheelchair Bill was with his friend Jan the girl and you see 'the translator

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    It took me a while to find a wheelchair that was truely for me. I don't have a spinal cord injury, I just have nerve damage in my legs. Insurance doesn't cover any medical equipment for me so I had to get my wheelchairs through trade like ebay and craigslist.
    The first picture is my first wheelchair: an invacare a-4. It's not a great chair. Just enough to get me from a to b.
    The second picture is an invacare a-4 titanium with a basic jay back. Now THAT was a comfortable chair. Unfortunately, it was too bulky for my parents' vehicles.
    The third picture is the colors zephyr. I loved that chair. That was the lightest weight chair I'd ever tried. However, I did buy it off ebay and the dump was crazy. I even took it in to see if I could get the dump fixed but nothing could be done with the frame. So... I finally was able to save enough money to buy myself a custom wheelchair. The cheapest around: a quickie gpv. I know most people aren't a fan of that chair. It may be just because it's the first chair that was custom made for me but I love that chair. I don't have a picture of it. It's been a long time since someone took my picture. But it's a razzleberry frame and has a jay basic back and cushion. I'll have to get a picture soon.

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