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Thread: Does anyone in this forum work??

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    Tech Consultant / Manager / I had been a manager for most of my life Went to college for it
    Got to have good people skills and lots of patientce Rofl

    I work on my computer when it needs work so I dont know if that counts
    totally rebuilding my computer from scratch because it is good therapy for my body and I like programming

    Wait Yesterday I took my manual wheelchair apart and Tweaked it for my aching back to make my life in it easier Took me hours but it is now adjusted my way
    I manage to do things by improvising my irregularites . I did it on the floor and it was fun
    Do I work No I think alot and got lots of ppl to deal with . Managment / Tech Consultant it's enough for me lol

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    Software Engineer for Cisco Systems! You can do this job walking or not walking, as long as you can type and have a brain you can do the job.
    C7/C8, T1 incomplete;

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    High school teacher here - takes lots of patience and a sense of humor!

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    Sales here. Occasional travel. Past employer fired me due to sci (not in so many words, but lumped me into a reorg)

    Current employer seems fine but currently having some serious issues and seeing a lot of docs and a lot of testing. Will find out quickly how they really are. Keeping my fingers crossed. Missed quota last month, 77% but was 300% the previous. In sales though you are as good as your last sale, history doesn't count.


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    I was injured my senior year in highschool. I had a c4/5 break with c5/6 function. I had planned to go in the military so of course I could not pursue that afterwards. I spent a few years going to college not knowing what I was going to do. I eventually discovered that I was pretty good at computer programming...and I liked it! So I pursued that as a career and have been working full time now for 25 years. It is a good occupation for a quad as it is mostly typing but you do have to have a talent for it. On the down side a lot of these jobs are now going off shore.

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    C5/6 here. I work for Oregon's Department of Human Services as a case manager for seniors and people with disabilities. I used vocational rehabilitation to set me up with Dragonspeak for my job, and they are also in the process of the outfitting my van with hand controls. As soon as that is done, I will be able to do protective services investigations and case management for people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. My employer was really good about holding my job when I was injured-- it would not have been very PC to do otherwise, considering where I work!

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