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Thread: Does anyone in this forum work??

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    Does anyone in this forum work??


    My t2-t7 injury took place on 3/12/07. At that time, after rehab, I had every intention on going back to work. At this point, after 22 months, I haven't due to currently having 6 different docs treating 6 different issues. For some time I have been fighting this and have now turned those negative feelings around and have learned to embrace everything that comes my way. I likely will have a baclofen pump inserted in March. What a relief that will be after a severe bought with muscle spasms. I am currently receiving social security disability benefits. I currently have two heel pressure ulcers which got infected and MRSA came to haunt me. I have a suprapubic catheter which is finally working thanks to KLD who advised me to change urologists and lastly Dr. Shetter from Barrow Neurology in Phoenix treating my muscle spasms. It appears at this point, 22 month post, I always have something going on with my health that interferes with going back to work.

    How many of you work and are dealing with some of the things I have listed above?

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    Raises hand.. I was turned down for disability, couldn't afford an attorney, am working full time, plus I had to change careers can't do what I was doing and am forced to take classes to continue my job... had to withdrawl the last two semesters from classes, though, due to nearly constant AD I also have two sons I'm trying to raise. It's been exhausting. I don't sleep, I go days sometimes without, it's a constant struggle and I'm in constant pain grrrrrrr

    I'm hoping to win the lottery so I don't have to work it can happen


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    I haven't dealt with many of your issues, I did have a bout with MRSA (boils) they were on my arms/elbows but I still continued to work everyday. I'm 23 yrs post and I've worked fulltime for 16yrs with no breaks except for a 2-week stay in the hospital for a burn that needed grafts but once I was released I went back to work. Its good you're going back to work once you get your issues straightened out, I think its important to do what you were doing prior to your injury. And eat right and stay positive.

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    Check out the threads in this section:

    A lot of people hold down jobs.
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    I'm an instructor at a state university. If all goes well, I'll be promoted to assistant professor soon.

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    I play bass. get paid a smidge. but no I don't. sold a couple paintings, took a tax course. voc reject.

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    LOL, what is a voc reject?

    No, I can't do what I did before (required hand dexterity, so NOT) and my health is too crappy to keep a job w/out getting fired. I do a lot of volunteer stuff so I'm broke but I don't feel useless. The worst part is knowing that I can't support myself if my marriage falls apart.

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    I worked full time for 31 years. For most of that I had a wonderful boss who understood the occasional UTI or whatever, although it sounds as though I had fewer health problems than you are dealing with. It wasn't easy, especially in winter when I had to recruit whoever I could get to get me back and forth to my vehicle. I worked in a less than wealthy area, so some of the homeless became my biggest helpers. I am on disability now because the body was overworked and now have big issues with pain and shoulder problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Honcho View Post
    I'm an instructor at a state university. If all goes well, I'll be promoted to assistant professor soon.

    This is what I hope to do too. I'm currently working on my Ph.D. I'm hoping that I will be able to have flexible hours and the ability to do a lot of my work at home with this kind of career.
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    I seem to work in five year increments. I had to quit and go back to work then quit again and go back to work.

    When the problems start interfering with getting the job done, it is time to take some time off to heal.

    I enjoy working and I hope I make more than five years this time.
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