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Thread: Anyone been to Isla Mujeres?

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    Anyone been to Isla Mujeres?

    Post w/chair, that is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    Post w/chair, that is?
    OK, I thought I knew my geography. I assume from the name an island and Latin Americanish? But where and whose?
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    It's an island and municipio in Quintana Roo, Mexico about 8mi by ferry from Cancun.

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    Off the coast of the Northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula- not far from Cancun. I've been to Cancun, Tulum, Xelha, to the Chichen Itza Pyramids. Great trip- lots of accessibility probs then. I have not been to Isla Mujeres though.

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    Lucky Pam.How ya doig, see ya Wed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    OK, I thought I knew my geography. I assume from the name an island and Latin Americanish? But where and whose?
    Ees Mexico. About 4 mi x 1.5 mi large. It has good diving, and on Mondays you can hop a boat to Coz por el muy muy magnifico diving!

    No autos. Only el carts de la golf.

    Nothing to do there. Dive, eat, sleep, read.

    I haven't seen travel prices like this since the mid 90's. I am dying here. My buddy can get a week off mid-Feb.

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    "Go Betheny Go!" - (said in the same voice as "run Forrest run!" from the movie Forrest Gump). That itinerary sounds great- enjoy, relax and have fun.

    Hey Guy, lookin' forward to seeing you! Stay healthy in the meantime.

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    Bethany, I was there in 1976 about 6 months before I got busted up. I drove my 1968 VW Beetle all around Mexico and Guatemala that winter. Isla Mujeres was a real cool place as I recall. We took a ferry with my car on it over from Punta Sam. However I have no recollection whatsoever regarding accessibility. Garrafon beach was the place I remember most fondly about the island. It was about a 5 mile trip by car from downtown. We snorkled there and it was just magical to have all the little colorful fish swimming around me. We stayed at the Poc-Na Youth hostel and slept in hammocks a room with about 10 others. I had the worst case of the shits and farts known to humanity there and repeatedly caused a "jail break" once the stench reached their nostrils. I'm sorry I don't have any recent reports about accessibility on the island. I'm sure somebody can nail it down for you.

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    I called one of the hotels re accessibility, our combined language barrier made that convo useless. My travel/dive buddy is going to have one of her Mexican-born friends call and try for details. I don't know why I bother, the last time I went to cozumel all the guys had to use the toilet in the lobby. My legs were stronger then, I may end up doing that now.

    I wrote some dive shops, one wrote back and said he'd take Jill and me out alone and not charge extra! Heaven! I've been all worried that I'd ruin the ab's diving b/c I can't keep up. I always preferred slow diving. I can happily burn a tank of air just exploring a little piece of reef. Tourism must be way down, for him to offer that.

    I had a funny convo last night. I called a local para diver/acquaintance and picked his brain about all his dives. Then he said "How many dives do you have?" I said "I think 70." He said "What are you worrying about?" I said "The first 64, I was able-bodied!" He learned to dive as a para, has probably been in a chair about as long as he wasn't, by now. Boy, has he been some places...

    And thanks for the input, everybody! Smoky, I envy you being down there in 76. I don't think Isla is too developed yet, but they've nearly ruined Cozumel from when I first went in the early 90's.

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    Betheny -

    Have you been to Belize?

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