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Thread: Uti won't go away

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    Uti won't go away

    Hello Everyone, I am new here and I have frequent UTI's. What an intro lol. I have had this last one now for over 2 weeks. I felt is come on and began taking Bactrim (which has always worked in the past) after the 3d day of not feeling better I called my dr. and got in to see her. It wasn't my primary care and she prescribed me macrobid, after 5 days on macrobid, still not feeling any better I made a second appt with another dr. This time she told me it was bacterial vaginosis and gave me meds for that. Sat. morning I still felt no better and was just tired from being in so much constant pain I went to the ER, the urinalysis showed I definately had a UTI so I have now been on Levaquin 500mg for 4 days and am still having urinary symptoms. I am also having minor back pain. I am just terrified my kidneys are going to be ruined, or I am going to die of sepsis if they don't get this figured out. I get uti's frequently and have never had one linger this long. someone HELP!


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    Hi Heather, sorry to hear about your problem. Are they doing a Culture and Sensitivity test to see which antibiotic works on the bacteria? This is a must to find the right antibiotic which will kill your uti bug.

    good luck
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    Hi Heather...

    Sorry you're feeling so bad.

    Did the ER do a urine culture and sensitivity (C&S) test? This is the test that not only tells you if there is an infection present -- it identifies what kind of bacteria are causing the problem and which antibiotics will work to kill that bacteria. Taking any meds before having a C&S done is a bad idea, made even worse when you only stay on those antibiotics for a few days here and there. At best, you could be wasting your time and money by taking antibiotics that won't work on your specific infection, and in the worst case you're helping the bacteria to become superbugs that are resistant to certain forms of treatment.

    If you haven't had a C&S done yet (and it sounds like you haven't), you need to get it done ASAP. That's the only way to know if the Levaquin will be effective in killing whatever is infecting you, or if you need to be on a different antibiotic.

    Even if you are on the right drugs, four days isn't always enough time to bring you symptomatic relief, and it certainly is not enough time to cure you. I will often have symptoms for a week or so after I start taking a 10 to 14 day course of antibiotics. (Seven days of treatment is not enough for people with SCI.)

    Instead of going to all of these general medicine doctors and the ER, who often know zero about treating people with SCI, you'd be much better off by finding yourself a urologist who specializes in treating people with SCI.


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    ^^^ exactly what they said. You need to have a c&s done, otherwise they are just randomly throwing antibiotics at it. and at least 10 days is necessary.

    Hope you are felling better soon.
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    Hi Healther,

    I agree with everything said above,especially with the importance of getting a Culture and Sensitivity prior to beginning treatment with antibiotics.

    Equally important is to find a doctor with experience in SCI. If you are not aware of one or a large sCI facility, you can start with this website of the national Spinal Cord Association.


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    uti=never leaves me alone!

    Im new here also(= Im so freakin' desprate to figure why i keep having these awful uti's. I used to have them when i was little, taking baths and whatnot. But i was always a healthy kid, till i turned 15. Now im constantly having uti problems. Burning, pressure, bleeding; you name it, i've felt it. Now, not only am i burning, i have cysts on both ovaries! You can only imagine the pain.. tear tear.. I need help. I've tried all kinds of pills, i even take those quick ones you can get from wal-mart and places. Nothing is working for me. I just now got back from the doctor bout an hour ago, but still never get the answers i need. I go to my girly doctor thursday but they'll just send me to some bladder specialist im sure.. Help anyone??

    you can e-mail me also.

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    Harley, did your doctor order a Culture and Sensitivity test? As you can see from the answers above, that is the only way you'll be able to tell what bacteria is causing the infection and which antibiotics will treat it.

    BTW, the "quickie" OTC pills you can get at Walmart are NOT cures -- at best, they might ease some symptoms. You will need a specific type of prescription antibiotic to treat a true UTI.


    PS -- It's a really bad idea to post your email address in public forums like these -- there are too many spambots and other weirdos/annoyances/possible dangers out there to expose yourself like that.

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    When you see or call your doctor have him or her send you a bunch of forms for the cultures already filled out and then get a bunch of bottles from the lab. Have them on hand and as soon as you think you have a UTI, go and drop a sample off. That will save you a bunch of time, I hate having UTI's you definetely have to have a Doctor who knows what they are doing. Believe it or not I had to make suggestions about different antibiotics that I learned from the Forum. Most doctors are going to prescribe the same antibiotics over and over again because they are their favorites. the cultures will tell them which antibiotics to take.

    Good luck hope you feel better.

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    This cured my horrible UTI

    Hi, 42 year old woman here. I wanted to post something here to possibly help any other women who may find themselves with this problem. I went to the doctor for what seemed to be a uti (symptoms: cloudy urine that had a strong terrible smell). They prescribed Bactrim (3 day) which didn't cure the uti and caused a bad yeast infection, headache (low fever), body aches. I treated myself for the yeast infection with Monistat 1 day and went back to the doctor when the cloudiness and terrible urine smell came back for days. The doctor did another uti test and another internal exam and said that i had no bacteria in my urine. She refused to acknowledge that there was anything wrong with my urine and said i was cured. Blaming the smell on "probably just the yeast infection medication" and sent me home to suffer with this telling me to call in two weeks if I still find myself with a problem. She refused to prescribe me Cipro or any other antibiotic. Well I know my body and knew this wasn't a normal for me and definitely a problem with my urine not my vaginal. After opting to try some natural remedies that didn't work for me I finally asked my family member (who is a doctor) to bring me home a sample of the antibiotic called Factive. I had taken this in the past to treat a UTI. I took one pill and this cured the problem. No more cloudiness or smell in my urine which I am so thankful for. Had I listened to the original doctor, I would still be suffering with this horrible problem for who knows how long. If you have been suffering from this same problem I would say take Factive immediately or at least Cipro (which I imagine might work as well) since they are both in the same class of antibiotic, FACTIVE being a Broad spectrum antibiotic and Cipro not. Just saying what worked for me. Good Luck to you! One a side note... I was also tested for Gonorhea and Chlamydia (which can mimic a uti) these came back negative.

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