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Thread: any high-level quads have a Mac

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    any high-level quads have a Mac

    I am considering switching to Mac wondering if anybody using a quad joy has one and what other programs they need.

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    What's a quad joy?

    I'm a c2-c3 quad that uses voice activation on my Mac. I use iListen right now because that seems to work the best. It's highly programmable and the accuracy is fairly good. I hav'nt switched to MacSpeech Dictate because it doesn't have learning capabilities or any type of mouse control yet.

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    Have you heard of Headmouse Extreme, its expensive but doesnt require software i dont think, just plug and play, works well if you already using Keystrokes software.

    Smartnav4 is also available for Mac now and is cheaper than Headmouse Extreme if finances are tight.

    I been looking into Eye gaze for Mac and found the ERICA system claims to work for both MAC and PC and you can get an add-on to work with your existing computer rather than buy an whole system from them, but I dont know how much they cost.

    I'm not fully quadriplegic yet, but I have a progressive neurological condition which affects my ability to control my muscles, including fine motor skills as well as speech and walking. I been wheelchair user for 7 years now and just recently have been given a communication aid to help people understand me.

    I switched to a Mac as my main computer last august after discovering keystrokes was better than any windows alternative! Now running a 24" iMac with Keystrokes and Joystick Plus (for now).

    I am interested in this subject as I am looking for my own best options for the future and trying to work out which would be easiest to control head mouse or eye gaze.

    For future options I was thinking of Mac Modbook with headmouse or eye gaze on (if i can find one that works with keystrokes) to use as communication aid when I cant type on Lightwriter anymore.

    Its annoying all systems like Tobii and Dynavox runs off windows and I really dont want to have to go back to windows!


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