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Thread: Back and buttock pain and Peripherial Neuropathy

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    Cool Back and buttock pain and Peripherial Neuropathy

    I just got back X-ray results and this is the report: Five images were taken of lumbar spine demonstrates normal lumbar lordosis and alignment. Vertebral body height is maintained. There is significant disc space narrowing of L5-S1 with endplate sclerosis. There is facet hypertrophy of L5-S1. Anterior osteophytes are seen of T11, T12 and L1. Impression: Degenerative changes, worse in L5-S1.

    History: I had a severe heniated disk and lumbar muscle tear resulting from a water skiing accident over 25 years ago that resolved itself after a week with pain medication and anti-inflamatories. Agressive exercise program helped eliminate back pain. Low weight and active lifestyle for next 10 years with birth of 2 children. Steriod perscriptions for asthma resulted in progressive weight gain (started at +/-140 pounds). When over 150 pounds overweight had Gastric Bypass surgery in 2002. Lost over 90 pounds. Have gained 70 pounds back. Fell off horse on right side in 2004 and fell down a couple of stairs which wrenched my back and injured my left foot. Was diagnoses at Johns Hopkins with Peripheral Neuropathy in right leg (using nerve punch) 2 years ago after several year of visiting 8-10 different local specialists. Perscribed Neurontin. Had foot surgery, left knee and foot cortosone shots, and PN on right side that has been getting progressively worse. Possibly also in right arm. Have now added shoulder pain in both shoulders to my list can't sleep on either side. Problems with disks in my neck. Now this report that spine is getting progressivey worse at a time where my activity is very limited due to the pain, the pain is only subdued enough to be close to fully functional with Oxyxodone (at least for about 4 hours). Hard surfaces, walking more than 2 blocks, and and exercising or cold temperatures sets the pain off. I need to know do I go see a back surgeon or the pain management specialists next? Recently a local neurologist tried having me take only Cymbalta and it didn't work. Pain flaired worse than normal. There is a suspicion by my OB/GYN that I may have a hernia which could explain my ever increasing belly and stomach spasms. Believe me, I cannot eat that much and have a very moderate daily diet yet my belly is approaching 50 inches. Sorry to go on so much but this is my first entry and I need some answers. Sleep and daily functionality without pain are my goals. I currently sleep on an air mattress.

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    For clarification, do you have a spinal cord injury?


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    No I do not. I still have full use throughout my limbs. The injury was from the early skiing accident and then the fall off the horse and down the stairs brought it all back three-fold and degenerative arthritis set in.
    Thanks for asking.

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