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    Talking I'm new

    Just retired from the Navy after thirty years. Came down with Neurosarcoidosis in my 29th year. It's the swelling of lymphoid's at bottom an top of spine which paralyzed the left leg and lost hearing which are the major symptoms I have.

    Being a Missile Technician on a sub gave my training in mechanical and electrical aspects of submarines. (can't call a tech rep for repair 2000 miles out and submerged) After being in a wheelchair for some time now I took it on myself a improve my quality of life by making or improving tools to assist me. These I share on my website, plagiarize to your hearts content, I'll add new stuff now and then. Wife set me up a workbench in the house were in can repair and make things, Also used to convert bags to wheelchair, scooter, and walker use.

    I do this for the mental challenge and to keep me active and useful. I have outfitted several elementary schools (disabled classes) with bags I buy at thrift shops. The smiles are great payment. I keep extras in my vehicle to give out if I see the need.

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    Subman, welcome to CareCure!

    Please also check out our Veteran's Forum.


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    Welcome, Subman!

    I also have Sarcoidosis, but mine is mostly in my muscles. I was diagnosed with it about five years ago, but I had the symptoms well before that. I believe involvement of the spinal cord, like the muscles, is fairly rare, right? Most people think it just affects the lungs, if they've even heard of it.

    My spinal cord injury had nothing to do with my Sarcoid. I was injured in a motorcycle accident.

    Anyway, sorry about your neuro sarc, but it's good to hear from someone with a SCI and sarcoidosis.
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    Neurosarcoidosis I'm told is very rare. Like 40 of us in the country.

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    Welcome Subman, thank you for your service.

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    Welcome aboard Subman. You're going to like it here.

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    Welcome to CC Subman.
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    Welcome aboard sailor, and thaks for your service.

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    What a great, thoughtful and useful website Subman. Keep it your tinkering!

    You're right - neurosarcoidosis is really rare. But new treatments are being worked on all the time so I hope you are hooked in with a good Neurologist and Rheumatologist. Bring this article to them at your next visit. Just got published this week on a a very well tolerated treatment for neurosarcoid...

    And welcome!

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