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Thread: handcycle vs racing chair

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    handcycle vs racing chair

    What's the difference beteen a handcycle and a racing chair?


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    Slightly different use of your shoulders and IMO the handcycle is easier on your shoulders.
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    So, the handcycle has gears?

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    yeah, the handcycle has gears. Another difference is that in a chair yu use a pushing movement, whereas a handcycle your arms go round and round oedaling like on a bike.
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    The racing chair is our equivalent of running, whereas the handcycle is our equivalent of biking. The racing chair is relatively light and is self propelled with no gears or cranks. The rear wheels have push rims on them that the racer uses to move the racer. It also has a very slight turning radius. There are little handlebars that you can use to make bigger turns, but the initial setup is for tracks which have smaller degrees of turns.

    The handcycle has gears...from 7 all the way up to 27 and maybe beyond. There is a hand crank that is usually in the front of the handcycle, and the gears are contained on the front wheel. Your turns can be limited to how strong of a degree you can make them by the hand cranks and if they hit your legs (your legs are usually strapped to the front wheel).

    A lot of races offer a handcycle division and a racer division. There are some races though that only allow racers.
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    handcycles and race chairs

    If you can, go to the website for Sportaid, or get a copy of Sports'nSpokes magazine. It helps to see photos of the two very different chairs.
    Race chair: very lightweight; fits you like a pretzel in a teacup; usually 3 wheels and pushrims smaller than everyday chair; easier to throw into car; fun.
    Handcycle: 3 wheels about the same 24" size, hand crank with gears in front along with gear shifters and brake; heavier than race chair - some planning needed for transport; gears help if limited in arm strength; fun.

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    A picture is worth 1000 words... well not that many but....


    Racing wheelchair

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