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Thread: Using tri-pins - question

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    Using tri-pins - question

    I was wondering how tri-pins should fit your hands (or vice versa). In my car I have a tri-pin for the gas/brakes and the two lower pins fit tightly around my wrist so that when I pull it's my wrist/forearm doing the pulling. However I don't need to pull so hard b/c it's electronic. But on the uppertone when I try to do the rowing excercise, my hands always slip out when I pull. I tried doing it with my wrists extended so that the back of my hand is kinda "anchored" to the lower outer pin but it's not the best solution. Any advice?

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    Hello mimin
    Have u try the push foward and push down set up for your gas/brake operation?
    I'm not driving yet but this is the set up i'm going to request.
    Good luck.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    The gas/brake set-up works well for me. Push - brakes, pull - gas. As I said, it's electronic so I don't have to exert much force. It's the uppertone that I'm having trouble with.

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    On the uppertone i used at a gym the pins were too wide apart and
    i had trouble rowing also,i had to row with wrists flexed just on one pin

    sometimes if i had wrist cuffs still on then the extra width helped to
    'jam' my wrists tighter inbetween two pins

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    Oh ok i've also use the uppertone u may need the grip gloves to wrap your hands around tri-pins on the equipment. I know it takes more time,but they work. I was trying find a picture of those gloves but no luck yet.
    Someone post them b4.....Anyway try them out.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    Oh ok, I have the vitagloves. So the pins are supposed to be tight and hold your wrist. Good to know, thank you.

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    The pins on my uppertone have a nut on the bottom. You can move the wrist pins in and tighten that bottom nut up. If they're still too far apart, you could wrap the pins with an ace bandage to build them up a little. Or get thicker wrists,j.k.

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    The vitagloves will work good for rows.

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    It's too bad you can't adjust the top pin as well. Thx JAYCUE.

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