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Thread: Netflix or Blockbuster?

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    Question Netflix or Blockbuster?

    I hardly ever watch movies but have enjoyed this weekend of being able to watch various movies. Really helped pass the time away while I am here by myself. Since my sister lives next door we are seriously considering subscribing to one of the mail order movie rental services and splitting the cost.

    Netflix or Blockbuster, which one seems to be better? What has been your experience with these services good or bad? Are they reliable about getting new releases out pretty quick?
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    I been using netflix for 2 years now never had a problem with them.
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    they are both excellent. with blockbuster your mailed envelope you return in the store counts as a free movie coupon or just put in the mail. both places take 2 days to get there n 1 or 2 days to get your new one. sweet deal to pass time. i didnt watch many movies either but i like blockbuster's option.
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    No experience with Blockbuster, but I've been using Netflix for a couple of months now. Selection is pretty good and since I live a couple of hours away from the closest distribution center, it takes one day both ways to receive and send the movie. If you sign up for the two or three movies at a time plan, especially since you'll be splitting the costs with your sister, then you could have a movie at all times.
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    I have used Netflix for at least 6 years and have had nothing but good service. Never get scratched or defective DVDs as I have had from Blockbuster in the past. I use the 3 movies at once Netflix service and usually get a 2-3 day turnaround from putting it in the male to getting one back. You can also use their on-line "watch it now" service. I also give my mother the gift of a Netflix subscription that I pay for (she lives too far away for us to share) and it is easy to do this for anyone.

    I am often looking for fairly obscure and foreign films, and rarely am disappointed in Netflix catalog. Learn to use a site like this one to see what is coming as far as DVD releases as well. I often consult it before going to Netflix to add to my queue:


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    I use the 3 at a time from Netflix in the winter and cut back to one at a time during the summer. Some of their DVDs malfunction because of dust or oil from people's hands, but usually return to normalcy after washing with liquid soap and water. I have only sent one back as unusable in two years. Their Web site is easy to use, too.
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    I've used Netflix for about four years now and have never had a problem, if you have highspeed (dsl, sattelite, etc.) and unlimited plan subscription you can buy a Roku device for $100 and watch anything in the watch instantly queue on your TV. I have no cable, so this is what I do.
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    I started with Netflix back in 2001 before I even had a DVD player; I watched DVDs on my PC. I briefly tried Blockbuster because they had the thing where you could return your DVD to a store and get a new one right away, but I quickly realized that their selection is no where near as expansive as that of Netflix, particularly in documentaries or foreign films. I play a lot of docs as I work and can't get enough, and I like to find cool foreign flicks, even with subtitles. I actually prefer subtitles over dubbing if it's in a foreign language... but I digress.

    Netflix all the way. And with their growing Watch Instantly library, you can watch on your PC or Intel Mac or, like nerdy me, on your Roku Player on your TV. X-Box360 streams Netflix as do a few new Blu-Ray players, too.

    ETA: I see I repeated some of what was in other posts. Oops.
    ETA2: I usually get my DVDs within 2 days, meaning, if I put a DVD in the mail on Monday, I'll have a new DVD in my mailbox on Wednesday.
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    Go for Netflix.

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    I used Netflix for a while and was very pleased. Blockbuster started a new program whereas you could exchange every movie into the store for a free in-store movie. This is great if you have a BB store near you. I actually had one 5 miles down the road so this was great for me. This program went on for a year or two and they have since changed. Now, I get 3 at a time with 5 in-store returns/month for $19.99. Very happy with BB..

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