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Thread: Aero Z?

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    Question Aero Z?

    Anyone have this chair? Like it? Went to Shepherd Center this week to seating clinic. Was hoping for a titanium, but Medicare/Tricare will be a problem, so they're trying to get me into aluminum. I've wanted to get into a TiLite chair, so between the Aero Z and the Quickie GT (both which were "presented" to me as possibilities) I think I might be happier with the Aero Z. I'm still uncertain about some of the options; have so many questions. This is scary! I can really relate to others who've posted here about their "order"! One thing. If I don't NEED a fold-down backrest, and want a solid back, is there any reason to have it fold? Would it look "sleeker" without that extra hardware? I have other questions, but don't want to wear you guys out! Maybe tomorrow!? Thanks for listening! Lynne

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    Ask away. You need to be educated as best as possible. Non-SCI'd therapists can only relate to a certain extent.

    re: folding/fixed backs, yes, by all means get a folding back. It will make a big difference when you travel in any vehicle other than a van / public transit. Chairs are a PITA to load into a car if the back isn't folded down.

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    My only insurance is Medicare and I was able to get a Quickie Ti. It was justified because of my injury level of T1 and active lifestyle.
    I have had my chair for 2 years so maybe there are now tougher restrictions.
    What reason did your insurance give to deny your titanium preference?
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    Thanks for the replies Scott and Quimby. Actually I have a van, so folding isn't necessary. But it IS a nice, free option. I just wondered if it might look better somehow without it. Anyone have a fixed back? Picture? Also, I haven't been denied titanium; they just dissuaded me from considering it. I'm under the impression that the chair will be ordered and if Medicare approves it they'll pay and if not I pay, so I thought I'd better get a "lesser" chair. It may be that I'm needing/wanting so much customization that they think it would be denied? Now I'm wondering if I'm "settling" for less chair. ANYBODY have the Aero Z or know anything about it? It seems like a nice chair. I just REALLY need the lightest chair I can find. Thanks.

    Added note: I heard that the rules probably HAVE changed in two years, so that probably figures in here.
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    Medicare should have a set amount they will pay towards a wc, then you may need to pay the difference. A good letter of medical necessity from doctor or PT should be enough. One DME told be Medicare would not cover a titanium wc so wouldn't work with me. I was referred to another DME that has success getting them covered. I know for a fact they will pay at least a portion of a titanium chair and that's current info. If you really want a titanium then push for it. I got talked in an aluminum too once because it was less hassle/paperwork for them.
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    Whatever chair you get I recommend adjustable back angle. You can play with your center of gravity and back angle to get just the right balance in your chair. You may not need a folding back because you use a van but I don't believe you will have adjustable back angle without getting o folding back.

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    Thanks november and ancientgimp for replies! Well, the complications begin! I wanted to do the TiLite "designs unlimited" tubular flip-ups with added crosstube, but they can't do it on an Aero Z; only on a ZRa or TR, which, of course I'd love to have. I went through some of this a year ago before I got into Shepherd's Seating Clinic. Maybe we can revisit the ZRa with a new vendor, which I now have. It was the PT at Shepherd, though, who dissuaded me from titanium. Thanks for opinions about folding backs. I'll do that.

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    I have the Aero Z and I love it but also I have only been paralyzed 14 months and it is the only thing I have had. Now I did have a quickie as my loaner and it sucked but it had also been used so much before they gave it to me. I have had to tweak it to what I want it to be but I am enjoying it very much.
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    Just got the Aero this week, its an incredible chair. Very smooth ride and quick on the turns. I have the 12 inch folding back and removed the brakes that it comes with since I kept on jamming my thumbs. This chair is also easy to get in & out the car. The only adjusting that had to be done was the height of the foot rest and angle of the seat.

    Previously had the ZRA and that was a very light chair also w/ a folding back.

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    Thank you Seenkid 101 and Clodivs for your responses. This really helps! If I may ask, Clodivs, why didn't you get a new ZRA instead of going to the Aero Z?

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