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Thread: Pain Management question

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    Pain Management question

    Okay, I currently go to a Pain Management center and my doc is an anesthesiologist. When I go in he give me alot of pills and does some trigger point injections into my spastic back muscles. These are the muscle groups that give me the most trouble. He started out real conservative and gave me all of the drug cocktails. All of the muscle relaxants made me just tired and drowsy. So now we moved to a muscle Stimulator and I have been using that for a couple of weeks.

    My question is should I find another place to go to work on these muscles. I can walk but my gait is disturbed by my spastic Torso. Is there any other treatments that a phsyiatrist can do vs an anesthesiologist.

    I am considering switching if I am just spinning my wheels with all of the drugs and useless small electrical devices that do nothing for me.


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    At the stage it sounds like you're at with your treatment, I'd say that as a general rule a physiatrist who's experienced with SCI would be a better option, just because they're the rehab specialists. There is value in going to a multi-disciplinary clinic, but it sounds like you're really just seeing this one doc. It really comes down to the individual doctor, as far as picking a specialist.

    Do you mind if I ask where you're going for treatment in StL? Is it Barnes?

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    Yes it is Barnes. The Pain Management Center at West County Hospital. I was thinking of going to the Breakthrough clinic.

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    my take

    docs are like women, every one has a different method in driving u insane(treating u)the bottom line stills not to be afraid to move on to the next to see if a new approach may work.

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    I was thinking about going to pain management to help out. Do you think it has done very well for you? I dont walk, I just have lots of pain in my back and some neuro pain in my butt. I do work so I cant take drugs that make me sleepy. I take 2 5mg oxy's a day just to knock off the annoying pain. Would it be worth going to and how often do you need to go and for how long does it last with the sessions and the releif?

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    It really has no done anything for me. I take one Pill and that is Tramadol. It cuts done on the muscular aches. I walk but have sensory issues below the waist but what really throws my gait off is the muscles spasticity in my torso but primarily my back. If I wear a back braced I feel so much different as it freezed those muscles so to speak. I was wondering if there is any way to loosen those muscles with other means other than mucle relaxants. he assures me there is but wants to be conservative in his approach.

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    If spasticity is the issue, have you tried Baclofen?

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    I have tried Baclofen and it really did not do anything and then I was on Tizanidine and Soma. Currently, I am getting trigger point injections into the large muscles in my back but really they dont do much. Sooo, I am not sure what else can be done but I know that this doc really is just treating me for Chronic back pain and not SCI related stuff although he knows my spasticity is caused from the SCI.

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    Yeah, it really sounds like you need to get a different specialist for your case at this point. It would be worth it even if you had to go to the main Barnes campus, and given the Hwy 40 construction, I don't say that lightly!

    I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the Breakthrough clinic. I just took a quick glance at their website and I'm not totally clear on whether they have folks with a real focus on SCI.

    I don't have much in the way of local recommendations for you. I know one guy who's a neurosurgeon at St Lukes, but I only know him socially rather than in the medical setting. I understand he's pretty good, but I hesistate to make any kind of real endorsement based on that alone since I haven't dealt with him professionally. I know there are some other folks around here from St Louis who might be able to come up with more ideas.

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    Thanks David. I may just have a long talk with my doc and ask him if he really believes he can treat me with having and SCI. If not I will have to go through the trials and tribulations of finding that right doctor for me. I thought Barnes would have the best Docs in the area for anything you can think of.

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