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Thread: Disabled Man Sues Businesses for a Living

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    Thumbs up Disabled Man Sues Businesses for a Living

    This needs to be everywhere. I can't even get in half the stores in my town & there's nothing i can do about it.
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    I saw this article before and I think this guy is an idiot! He is doing a lot to help make more things accessible for us but if he really cared about it that much he would donate a lot of that money he wins to SCI research and not just make a "living" off of it!

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    Gives the public a bad imagie of wc' users.
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    he was on tv and i had heard of him last yr. he is a para.

    but on the flip side lol maybe if we all did that sue<which i disagree with> the states would
    approve legislation to fix us. it would then be cheaper

    i can/t get around in my town either they pu light post in middle of sidewalkes and their ramp are to steep and sideways

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    More power to him. I hope he gets rich. The only way businesses are going to change things for us and make it actually equal like the law says it has to be is if they have to fork out some money. Fixing the obstructions should be in the lawsuit...

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    My dad told me about this guy. He sent me an article that had like 30 of his cases listed. Some of them were iffy. I think he should give the family owned businesses a chance to correct it first. The mirror guy got screwed. I bet he could see in the mirror at 43 inches.

    On the other hand, I bet when he rolls in a restaurant and bitches, they spit in his food etc.. Now that people know what he looks like, he probably gets that before he bitches.

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