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Thread: Bizarre Uro Reaction

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    Bizarre Uro Reaction

    SCI-Nurse and other women please post, I'm bothered by this strange incontinence problem.
    I'm almost 5 years post injury and pissing myself was like a biannual event, unusual for me. However I get out of my chair often and lately when I'm sitting on hard ground (wood floors, concrete, compacted snow) in just the right position, leaning back pelvic tilted under with more of my weight on my coccyx or back/bum region I get the sudden urge to pee and then my bladder mostly empties. wtf? Is this mixed incontinence? Can external pressure on the pelvic floor cause this? Is this reflex of some kind? I don't leak otherwise.
    I'm t12 inc with the sensation of bladder filling, so I know when to go (very lucky &thankful) and don't monitor my fluid intake intensely because of it. I use intermittent cath, and developed a love of pure cranberry juice. I thought I had a handle on my sci bladder... anyone have any ideas?

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    Your bladder can change over time neurologically, and position can be a factor in triggering bladder spasm. If you have not had urodynamics done since this problem started, you probably should have this test repeated and discuss the findings with your urologist in relationship to this issue.


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