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Thread: Who do use for uro supplies ?

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    Who do use for uro supplies ?

    I need to find a new supplier for Medicare uro supplies.. Ive been using Uromed for years with good results, until about 6 or 7 months it's shipped to wrong address...clueless new sales reps..a new updated email re-order that apparently doesn't work...etc..etc. Am I the only one ?

    I just need one that's reliable..


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    I've used Allegro Medical with good results -- competitive prices, wide variety of products, fast shipping, and easy online ordering (you can save a shopping list, repeat previous orders with one click).


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    we have used for a year now, they are the best.


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    I use C & R Medical out of Dallas. They are great. They will seen me box's of gloves or extra things that Medicare won't pay for. I did use Uromed also but they go by the book and won't work with me about gloves and extras.
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    i have always used uromed, they right off my deduct and copay. im certain they arent losing monies they just jack the bill up when submitting to ins. rep
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    UMP United Medical Providers, has been great for me. They're out of LA (not cali, or even lower alabama) They waive the deductable too. They're a sponsor for Sam Schmidt's race team. The rep that I dealt with left and went to another company can't remember the name. On my second one since then, service is still good. They call before ship, then about the sixth of each month it arrives.

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    I get my supplies from 180medical. I am partial though cause I work for them, but once we get all the paperwork needed for Medicare its an easy process.

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    i 80 medical...great people, company is owned by a quad I believe...

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