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Thread: My Pain Doctor in WA state Raided, I am without my meds! Help!?!

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    If you mean me, I only put forth my own opinion - I let your posts speak to yours. I suspect though, that part of your above post was to the other poster, not myself.
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    People were burned at the stake with "good intentions." Hitler felt he had "good intentions." So did Lenin and Stalin and Mao.

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    Meg, you sound so angry... I am sorry you do. But I also do not believe you have done justice to your cause by personally attacking me or anyone else.. TAM, Thanks :-)
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    med100, I believe I have done my cause justice - to expose the truth. You post with a lack of knowledge. You think you have been in terrible chronic pain, but you have not. If you had or were, you would NEVER posted the kind of statements you have made. In doing so, you help perpetuate the myth that pain patients typically get addicted to opiates, don't need them as much as they think they do, and aren't deserving of them. Many people think it is noble and grand for someone to live in suffering, but it is not. Anyone who thinks that it is Ok to deny pain patients medication that is effective for their medical condition know little about what they are talking about, and would, at first glance, seem to have at a sadistic streak. I would suggest that you raise your pulpit a little higher, maybe much higher. Then, you will need to raise your gaze far much less when you speak to other people.

    Tam, I was never referring to you, at all.

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    I understand Meg, that you weren't referring to me.

    But while I sometimes disagree, at least somewhat, with MED100 - we discuss it. It's very hard to accurately judge someone by typed words on the internet - and I don't think we get too far with angry words. But that's just me.

    You do also make some excellent points I believe - about the plight of chronic pain patients, and how some others (not saying MED100 here) view those patients, and their need for medication. I do understand your anger, at that injustice.

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    Meg, Hitler? Really??
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    All over the board tonight and when I saw new posts in this thread thought I'd read a bit...Don't know if you realized it or not megghegg but the post is a year old...and many posts were from lots of new people who failed as you did, to fill out their profile...interesting, huh...just wanting to find a doc to get some pain one mentioned why they hurt...only wanting to know how to go about getting drugs...this is a spinal cord injury forum...and there are many who post to educate and share what has worked, and their experiences...
    We have a rule here personal attacks...and you broke that one big time
    med100...consider where it came from....a drug seeker!

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    MMM - you beat me to it.
    People, let's not critcize other care cure forum members. If you are criticized, consider letting it go with the hopes of steering the discussion to stay on topic. Thank you.

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