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Thread: My Pain Doctor in WA state Raided, I am without my meds! Help!?!

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    Been involved in the PM world for over 10 years. I don't see where the 100.00 is all that out of the norm. I pay 40.00 co-pay and insurance takes care of the rest. On a rush basis, the doc may be protecting himself because the insurance takes 2-3 months to realize. Most doctors don't give meds on the first visit, regardless. The feds pose as patiences and try to nail an understanding doc who doesn't do his homework. Quite the risk. So other than your med bottles, I'd arrive with all the records you can get. Sorry for your situation. Been through simular situations. Most important is you've got to control your temper. Any temper will get you an invitation to the door.

    Good luck.

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    im in washington also and cant find a doctor willing to prescribe pain medicine for my condition. Anyone out there know of a doctor that will take care of me? Thank you

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    No one seems to be posting a name of a doctor that will write a script for pain meds. Some people just dont understand people in real pain which is really sad. I mean what are the medications out there for. if someone knows of a doctor that will prescribe pain meds please write it or pm me. Thanks so much for your help.

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    This is an odd thread, all these people from Washington posting in the same thread and knowing the same raided doctor. Sounds like he may have been one of those shady doctors who hands out Narc scripts for cash.

    Either way, as others stated, i think almost all pain doctors only take patients after getting referred to by a patients primary doctor.

    That's how it worked for me. I'm a quad and for many years i dealt with almost daily foot pain, but i never did anything about it. Well, i had a surgery for my bad acid reflux and they gave me Roxicet to take home for the pain. By fluke, i noticed that it helped dull some of my foot pain. I told my primary doctor about this and he referred me to a pain management doctor in the hospital. He evaluated me and had me try 5mg tablets of Oxycodone, with a max of six per day. It's helped quite a bit with my foot pain, but i go out of my way to never exceed my limit even on bad day where taking more might help. I don't want to become big time addicted to Oxycodone and he's careful to try and make sure none of his patients are abusing it.

    If you just call a pain clinic asking for Narcs right away without getting referred from a primary doctor, i think they'll be leery.

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    pain doctor raided

    I would sure like to know what doctor was raided. I have an idea, but there are other doctors in that spot.
    Thank you

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    I'm also from Tacoma, and if you have medicaid, you need a referral from your PCP. When I had Blue Cross, I went to a surgeon in Seattle for my neck surgery to fix my bulging disks, but was offered no rehab or anything else. I had to learn to walk again - yep, had a hard time with it prior to surgery, but as I said, the Blue Cross allowed me to go see a specialist without a referral.
    As for the $100 "deposit" - RUN (or roll) LIKE THE WIND! You'll be in the same boat you're in right now in no time flat - that's not an acceptible practice, and the DEA is really harsh here in Wa. Please check into Virginia Mason in Seattle, then the UofW - paying all that cash must be hard on your wallet, it would be mine. Good luck

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    pain treatment in Washington state

    Until I read this article two years ago in the Seattle Times I wondered why it has become increasingly more difficult to find MDs who will prescribe pain meds since I moved up to Washington state to retire; I only wondered what would happen next:

    Now I hear about this raid and worry that soon I may have to move back to California, where although it was still a hassle, I was able to find compassionate docs who would treat pain. But I fear that Washington state may be fighting an influx of abusers and is making life impossible for patients who have real pain problems. This is the news on the clinic closed in Tacoma:

    My low dose of MS Contin 30mg bid hasn't changed for ten years, and I am virtually tolerant, yet no pain clinics are taking new patients in the state with the above news article. The low re-imbursement rates in Washingon state are a contributing factor as well.
    If I had known that Washington state was so hard on pain control prescribers I would never have moved here. Now I don't know what to do. Neither did Craig Hospital during my re-eval in May this year. After 33 years of this pain I'm thinking suicide is my only option, since there doesn't seem to be any understanding or concern about chronic pain patients in this state. I just woke up with a nightmare, and my legs were spasming worse than ever and the pain at the ten level. Maybe I've overextended my stay here on the planet.

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    jb, have you tried any pain meds other than narcotics? I'm just wondering if you're dealing with neuropathic pain to any extent, where narcotics really aren't effective and you have to try other avenues.

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    Considering the adverse reports coming out on long term use of acetominophen, and hence Norco, or Vicodin, I think the fibromyalgia patient in the article may be in worse shape than she thinks. It is not only finding a doctor. It may turn out to be finding a narcotic which does not contain acetominophen.

    It is surely too bad that some abuse opioids, because when they do, it becomes much harder for those who really need it to purchase it at a reasonable cost. I was given IV opiates at my first bigtime pain clinic, in VERY HIGH doses, and it did absolutely nothing for my central pain. I have not taken any opiates since. I am not very big on opiates anyway since they make me nauseated. After my last two spine surgeries, I preferred to just tough it out, rather than take pain meds. My central pain was bad enough without my being nauseated as well. Plus, I didn't want to vomit and possibly interfere with success of the bone fusion in my neck. If I can live with CP, I can certainly endure postoperative pain which is peanuts compared to CP.

    This all points to the need for a way to measure pain. I have not seen any efforts to study this, beyond the hopelessly vague 1-10 rating scale, pretentiously called the "analog" scale for measuring pain.

    There are MANY indications now for functional MRI. Dr. House even had an episode last season (season three) where he used it. However, I have yet to see anyone with central pain whose pain has been studied with fMRI. This is unfortunate, since if anyone SHOULD be so studied, it is those with central pain.

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    jb, please see a counselor about thoughts of suicide - been there, tried that - in Wa it's sad if you kill yourself, it's a crime to not complete the job (anyway, the cops get in on it) there's other options besides narcotics & opiates - they can help bring the pain to a tolerable evel, and unfortunatly, that's about all we can ask or hope for right now. My prayers are with you.

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