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Thread: My Pain Doctor in WA state Raided, I am without my meds! Help!?!

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    I have heard of those injections and other surgeries that are similar hopefully that will be an option. To clarify I compression fractured 3 of my vertebrae and broke my L3. I have been trying to make it for the past 5 years without medical attention. It has just gotten so bad that is not possible for me. Since I just got my insurance the company said they will not cover anything related to my back for 9 months.

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    Dr. Diana Cardenas left 3 years ago. She is down in Miami now. The clinic you speak of sounds very hokey to me. There are plenty of legit pain clinics in WA St.. I would suggest you start with your GP for starters, and get a referral to a legit clinic for longterm management.
    Where do you live? That would be helpful in giving you some suggestions for SCI MD as well.
    Take Care,

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    Pam, what clinic sounds hokey? I guess you mean the OP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pezotac View Post
    I am also in wa. most of the places I call tell me before I even make an appointment that the are not treating pain with narcs. I have 3 compressed vers and a broken L3. I just got insurance because I could not stand the pain anymore. Where should I start family practice or ortho do I need a referral ?
    I just ask my reg. doctor. She sets up appts for me (or her nurse). I just recently had to go to a pain mgmt center because my spinal surgeon (who i got drugs thru) isnt in my new insurance coverage system. That place is a nightmare! Anyways,,,thats another story.. If they dont treat with narcs i would say they are in it for the money from my experience. I went to a spinal doc that just wanted to give me epidurals and cortisone shots all the time,. Lots more money in that than a piece of paper for a script. Then my old insurance busted him on giving me more than 3 a year in my neck..I am rambling again,. lol So now i am looking for a different place again. I told my doc and she is fixing me up with another place. Dont be complacent with shoddy service, get what you need and deserve.
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    I'm from WA same as well in the same area as you guys and I'm looking desperatly for an understanding doctor as well. I'm tired of doctors only treating you in one specific way without listening to your input as well. Seriously if any of you guys find someone please PM me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by playeron24's View Post
    a private meesage would be great please im in allot of pain and as you can imagine my whole life is currently on hold any help is much appreciated thanks
    Since this just happened a month ago and you are continueing in PT why not ask your PCP for a referel to a pain specialist? What were you taking?
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    Can you help me?

    Quote Originally Posted by frankfooter32 View Post
    I just added that PRN to my links. Thanks.

    I have to say that I had to call over 15 clinics today and none of them provide pain medications (and those are all the ones covered by my health insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield). I found a doctor in Tacoma that takes a $100 cash deposit and is a pain management doctor. I am bringing my empty pill bottles for him to see what my former pain doctor was giving me. I get the impression this new Dr. will get me back to where I was, because his nurse knew the former Dr. and said that this new doctor has taken on some of his former patients as well. So I am hoping this guy gives me what I normally take and doesnt expect an arm and a leg in return each month for a refill. Is that how it normally works at pain management offices? At the raided Dr.'s office, everyone paid $100 cash every month to have their meds filled. Is the pain management clinic the same concept? Is that why I paid $100 for a "deposit"? I read about this new Dr. and it turns out he also prescribes medical marijuana (although I get that from somewhere else) and he wanted cash only. I am assuming these two doctors have a lot in common for practices of medicine.
    I too am a former patient of the raided clinic and I have been having trouble finding someone also. I was hoping that you could share the information on the dr that you are seeing now. I need my meds also. I have been struggling with this for a week. My appointment was for today, but as we knwo it is difficult to get there. Please help if you can.

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    frankfooter ain't comin back I've been trying to talk to him so I could get a decent pain management doctor too guess I"m just gunna hafta get a referral

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    Frankfooter 32 I am going through the exact same thing right now. I have tried calling as far as Canada to find a doctor. The current treatment plan that I have worked out with my former doctor is working well so I don;t really want to change it much. Spinal taps, steroid injections and tens units or not the route of treatment I am looking for, and unfortunately that is what most of the Dr.s would like to incorporate. If you have any information on the Dr that you are seeing or can point me in a positive direction I would really appreciate it. I am terrified and afraid of the possible set back I may be facing if I don't find a doctor soon. Thank you for your time in advance.

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    Just FYI - Cardenas left the UW awhile back to work at Miami Project.

    Quote Originally Posted by cass View Post
    wise knows dr. cardenas at UW. maybe he'll chime in. UW is one of biggest rehab places around (although i don't much care for them).

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