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Thread: My Pain Doctor in WA state Raided, I am without my meds! Help!?!

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    Bricklayer, do any of the above links in Washington such as the pain clinic at the Univ of Washington interest you? You may also want to look at other resources on this message board, but I think this thread and the above couple of posts may provide you with a starting point if you are asking for pain management. Good luck to you. It is difficult to be in pain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bricklayer View Post
    yes they can do surgery for the carpal tunnel but it would put me out of work and I run my own construction company but my back they cant
    I understand - I had wondered about that (surgery and work). I hope you're able to do that sometime though, if it's necessary.

    Physical therapy helps with carpal tunnel sometimes too. Also, perhaps cortisone injections. (a friend of mine with carpal tunnel had both).

    I wasn't too familiar with the facet problem - here's a link from Cleveland Clinic on it, and treatment:

    As that's inflammatory pain, NSAIDS such as Ibuprofen should actually be somewhat helpful. I'm not dismissing the pain here, or saying it's THE solution, just that it may help some. For other types of pain, NSAIDS are useless - but in this case, they might help. I'd suggest asking your doctor (regular doc is fine) what's a safe dose - they may tell you to take more than the over the counter dose. That's just a guess on my part.

    There are some procedures that can be done apparently, as well as physically therapy.

    I also suspect, although the article does not say, that some pain docs might very likely do steroid injections at the irritated facet joints.

    I hope that you can find a good pain doctor, to hopefully find some solutions.

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    Facet problems - I had L4 and L5 facet arthropathy (pain and inflammation of the facets) prior to SCI. The pain doc I was seeing gave me cortisone injections of the facet joints - this is done under fluoroscopy (xray) and takes a good pain person to do right. It was very helpful. They would last for 5 months.

    Then, I decided to take a new approach and fracture my back and end up with SCI and end up with a fusion from T11 to my pelvis. That took care of the facet problem !! No, I don't recommend this approach.

    Good luck to you.

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    Is there anyone in the tacoma area that can recomend a reasonably priced doctor every doc I call wants 400 plus just for a evaluation I know what I have Just need someone to help with the pain pm would be great if you dont want to revele it to everyone thanks, bricklayer

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    work has been really slow and lost my personl insurance as im self emplyed I know many of you out there have or are going through the same struggle i am with finding a doctor or a "God" himself

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    I understand, not having the insurance will limit your current options. I wish I could help more.

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    Some of the community or teaching hospitals have Free Care options to pay for medical visits for those who cannot afford them. But usually these Free Care do not include specialists, just medical care in the ER and life saving care. I don't know if you qualify for Medicaid, since this may be income based. I live in MA and we all have to have health insurance as a mandate. I don't know Washington, but is Univ of Washington an option for you? You could call them and see if they have payment options.

    Want to explain here to us what type of pain you have, where, when, what you have tried, which worked, didn't work? Maybe just as some of us live with chronic pain and may have options of what over the counter therapies worked for us. We cannot give medical advice here on CC, other than from our own experience.

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    i tottally understand. first of all dont bother with the e.r. they will treat u like an addict. get an appointment with your primary doc. and bring all your pill bottles to show what your taking. they will trust you but prob.will only give you a couple weeks of meds,they will expect you to seek out a pain man. doc. ive done this and it worked. search for p.m. doctors in the area through the internet. it may take a month or so to get in so take your meds only as neede ,i know its hard. good luck ,i get urine tested every three weeks and ive been with my p.m. doc. for 4 years. every p.m. doc has to have there paperwork extremely up to date and thats what happened to your doc? keep trying to call your old p.m. every chance you get ,k. good luck brother.

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    Sorry, I haven't been on since my last post. Med100 I'm going to contact the place you sent me the link too, because again I'm no where. My sister is very big on herbal, and different types of holistic (i think that's the term) medication .. That works for her, she also has fibro .. But I've tried what she gives me, and for some reason it just doesn't take an effect on me.

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    well went to the dr today and they are cutting me off of percecents!! wtf i have nerve damage in my feet they are only giving narcotics if u have cancer how is that right??? please does anyone know of a pain clinic in the pierce county/ tacoma wa ?? i dont know what to do this is bull crap!!! please reply to me!!!

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