I live in WA state and my PM doctor was raided last week by the DEA. His office is now closed and I have been seeing him for 3 years now for treatment of my pain in my back, neck and legs due to an accident. I also suffer from chronic pain all over my body. I had an appointment today to fill my 15mg Oxycodones (#120/mo) and his office was closed until further notice. I am in so much pain and have medical insurance thru my work, but have no idea where I can find a doctor in WA state to help me. As I am sure many of you can understand, if I dont get my medication soon, I will be a mess. Can someone please Private Message me a doctor that specializes in pain medicine in WA state (not BS topical treatments) in my area that I can visit soon to help me get my medications? It is so sad that we live in a day and age where we have to go to these extremes to get the help we need with pain, but I am desperate here and could really use some help from you guys to get me set up again with pain medicine. I have tried searching for pain clinics, but am afraid I will go there and be turned away with crap that doesnt work for my intense pains. Will someone please help me? I really appreciate any and all info you guys can give me to narrow my search.
Thanks to all!