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Thread: Waking up COLD at night

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    Waking up COLD at night

    I have trouble with the cold, and have to take extra precautions to avoid getting chilled. If I do get too cold it takes a long time to warm up.

    But recently, I have been waking up at night freezing. It isn;t every night. No difference in the room temp. I have PLENTY of blankets on. The first time it happened I thought for sure the covers had slipped off, I was so cold. Last night I was actually shivering.

    I will sometimes be like this if I have gotten chilled, even just by staying up later that usual, and forgetting that the heat has been set back. But in these cases, I am cold when I first go to bed, and take a long time to warm up.

    But last night was the 3rd time this has happened recently, there was no reason for me to be chilled, I was plenty warm when I went to bed, yet shortly after falling asleep, I woke up freezing cold, and took 2-3 hours to finally warm up!

    Any ideas?
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    I'm exactly the same way, I use a heating pad to help get warmed up. If I wake up chilled like that it's a sign that I have to pee. Once I cath then I feel warm again. You could be entirely different in that though.

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    For whatever reason, baclofen will chill me out sometimes at night. I use a heating pad also to kinda warm me up.

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    Happens to me too. More so in the winter. Like my core turns cold and no amount of blankets will fix it. I've been so cold I could cry and I'll have a mountain on blankets on me. I've tried a heating pad but I'm always afraid that I'll get burned or something.

    My very low tech solution is a hat. I keep a cap by my bed and it's on and off as my body temperture requires. Just a polar fleece ski hat. Not pretty but hey, no one looks at me any more....
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    Please avoid the use of hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets. I have seen some horrendous burns in those with SCI from all of these. Flannel sheets help, as do down comforters and duvets. A hat (stocking cap, etc.) can be very helpful, and some may want to sleep in long underwear.

    Chills can be an AD symptom, so you should attend to this and see if you can find a cause (full bladder, constipation, skin problem, needing to turn, etc. etc.).


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    I am cold too.
    I have a hospital bed and if I get cold, the best for me is to elevate the end of the bed so my feet get a little higher than normal.
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    Jean and all, in spite of the burn I got from misusing it, a hair dryer, preferably compact, will warm me up if I wake up cold even on the coldest nights. I've never burned myself using one under the covers, never even gave myself a red spot. I get in bed with about four shirts on and will start by placing the hair dryer nozzle under the waist of one of the top two layers of shirts, generally a sweatshirt or sweater, and aimed upward. I pull the shirts up away from each other to allow the hot air access and arc the point of aim until I'm toasty in my stomach and chest area. Then, depending on what's cold, I'll put the dryer nozzle into the top of the shirts, always having a few layers between it and my skin, and use it to warm my shoulders, upper back, and upper arms. Tuck everything up snug again and fall asleep right away as snug as a bug* in a rug.

    *Looks like I sometimes have my "b"s back.
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    If I go to bed cold I don't warm up enough to sleep for hours and hours, so recently I bought a "Bed Buddy" from the pharmacy. It comes in different shapes, but I bought the one specifically for draping around my shoulders. Two minutes in the microwave and you have a safe heat source. I put in on my face to make sure there are no spots hotter than others and then drape it either over my shoulders or sometimes just throw it down towards my foot area. It keeps the heat for about a half hour if it is under the covers. I like it and it was only $22.00

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    I know the nurse said electric blankets are bad but I can't live with out mine. But I keep it on 4 just to keep my bed warm. I've used it for 4 years.
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    I love my electric blanket But I do keep it on low.

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