Which electrical muscular stimulators are people happy with?
High intensity stimulation is required to reverse atrophy of denervated muscles [41]. Surface FES stimulates nerves that enter and they activate the deeper musculature. In denervated muscle, FES cannot stimulate nerves to activate deeper muscles and hence are ineffective. Very high currents are required to penetrate into and activate deeper muscles. However, care must be taken to use large electrode so that the currents are spread out over a large area of skin [42-47]. Such stimulation can restore even denervated muscles. http://wiseyoung.wordpress.com/2009/01/13/217/

Besides having a galaxy stimmaster, I have a Rehabilicare NMS III unit. The one that requires four AA batteries. I use this unit for my calves, abdominal, occasionally triceps, etc. I am not sure it meets the requirements of high intensity, it does seem to have limitations on how long the muscles actually function and it would be nice if had a little more power for muscles like my calves.
What FES units are recommended to meet the above description? Or should I ask, who is happy with the unit you have purchased?

One recent study suggests caution in applying noxious levels of electical currents to the legs. Jim Grau at Texas A & M reported at the last Society for Neuroscience meeting that shocking the leg with electrical stimulation disrupted the walking reflexes in the spinal cord, often lasting for weeks. Many studies suggest that the spinal cord, even when bereft of connections to the brain, "remembers" experiences and particularly noxious experiences. Because people with spinal cord injury cannot feel the pain, they often crank up the stimulator to get maximal activation of their muscles, levels of stimulation that would be intolerable if the legs had sensation. The finding that noxious stimulation can produce long-lasting behavioral changes in the lower spinal cord suggests that we need to treat the paralyzed part of the body with respect and tenderness. http://sci.rutgers.edu/forum/showpost.php?p=306835&postcount=2

The above quote seems to contradict the first quote, so where is the happy medium? Or is the happy medium controlled by the amount of time spent using the devices?