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Thread: What gun to get for home defense?

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    What revolver would you recommend?
    I always look to S&W 1st. I drank the blue Kool-Aid years ago.

    Small/concealable 642. My wife's carry gun.

    Larger/nightstand gun 625 (anything with at least a 4" barrel and a caliber that starts with a 4)

    Good Luck...


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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    With respect, how prevalent is theft/break in, in everyone's respective areas?

    Would the guns still be sought after if not prevalent?

    Sorry, one more question: How many of the previous posters have been assaulted/burglarized?
    I know this post was back awhile but I was home alone one weekend when someone tried to break into my family's place back when I was 16. It had recently snowed and there was already a lot on the roof/ground from an early winter. I heard a noise outside while watching TV about 9 or 10pm. Figured it was an icicle dropping as our big, friendly dog barely raised her head. Then heard a distinctly non-normal noise outside. Looked out the front picture window from the side as most our neighbors were gone too--deer hunting season. Nothing, so went back to TV. Another 5 minutes and I was up checking the window on the garage door thinking raccoons and garbage cans. I gave up that line of thinking when Sassy decided I wasn't opening that door by wrapping her mouth around my wrist with a soft mouth. I opened the closet door next to the garage door and took out the baseball bat. Then I went and called the police and suggested a quite entrance might be best. I stayed in the bathroom doorway holding her collar and near the phone until I saw car lights and slide her 100 pounds into the bathroom and closed the door. Talked to the cop at the front door and he asked aabout neighbors and such. Then he said to go stay with the dog until he checked the place out. Sassy was barking rather loudly about now. When he came back and knocked on the door he said he'd found fresh tracks in the snow right through the fence back gate and at the outside back door to the garage that had a few scratches on it.

    He then asked about Sassy and how vicious she could be. She was licking his one hand at this point... Asked about guns. "Oh, plenty. Rifles from 1900 on and in various hunting types from shotguns to a semi-automatic. 6 or 7 I think." "And you're carrying a baseball bat?" "I think I'm probably better at taking one or two out as they come in the door with a blow to the head than with getting far enough back that if they're carrying they might shoot me first. And I don't have to worry about shooting Sassy."

    He then said there would be extra patrols the rest of the night in our area of the city because this was his second call in a 12 block area. If I heard anything again I was to call the police then lock myself and Sassy in the bathroom with my bat. <smiling> Oh, he did ask if any of the guns were loaded. "Are you nuts? Never in the house. But if I really need to grab one the semi-automatic is fast to insert a clip in and hit the safety off so I'll go make sure there's a clip where I can find it fast and the rifle's out of its case and under a bed or something. Then head for bed." The officer than asked if I had a hunting license. Huh? No. But you can shoot? What is the problem? Pick up, slap in clip with ammo side up, point safety to off and point and keep pulling the trigger until people fall down. I think I can handle that... Honestly, yea, I've had some practice Dad doesn't know about with my older brother. I still think a baseball bat in this size house is more effecive.

    Anyway, he was right about get the dog in a locked room or shut door and let the dog bark. Amazing how the biggest armed robbery types are more afraid of dogs than machine guns. It was later learned when the cops caught a duo of such types that they were going around because it was hunting season! Any guns not taken on the trip north for deer were most likely freshly cleaned, stocked with new ammo near by and not locked up. So these two were stealing any guns they could find.

    Now I would use a gun because I can shoot one better than I can grasp a bat. But if you can't handle shooting, recoil or have family all over your house I'd think twice about buying a gun without a lot of range time as others have suggested. Get motion detector outside lights, an alarm system if you have kids that includes fire and CO2 and keep letting that dog bark at strangers. Oh, have one accessible room in the house with a good lock on it that can hold the family until the cavalry arrives. Oh, I still have that old semi and a shotgun.
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    Arndog Update - I wanted to update you all that I have logged maybe 13 times at the range trying all different toys. I love my Springfield XDm 9mm and getting comfortable with it.
    I have been trying to find a shotgun that I could handle standing without my cane - I have failed. 2 out of every 3 shots, I am knocked over by the recoil (I had a friend spot me each time for safety). I tried 12g, 20g, semiautos and pump - not going to happen in this lifetime. I am fused from my sacrum to T11 so that when the gun stock hits my shoulder, the force is transmitted through my fusion and knocks my center of gravity off . I even today tried a Mossberg 500 defender with just a pistol grip. I thought if my arm took the recoil I wouldn't tip over. Didn't work = I tipped over. I concluded I have to be sitting to use a shotgun.

    BUT, my friend just bought a Taurus Judge .410 shot and we fired that today- IT WAS GREAT! Couldn't believe the pattern from 7 yards - must have been 2 feet wide. Very hard to miss. That I could shoot one handed while holding my cane in my left hand. So I finally found my 'shotgun' in this pistol and I will try to get a Judge for home defense use. Between that and the XDm I feel I will be in good shape.

    So the next thing is to think about CCW. I tried a friend's subcompact Colt Defender 1911 with a 3.5 inch barrel in .45. Great. But I am leery as a novice to the concept of 'cocked and locked' on my hip. Worried about an accident. Does anyone out there carry 1911's and if so - is it okay to have the hammer down and chamber empty - or is this defeating the purpose?
    Any other ideas for carry would be appreciated. Another buddy is looking at the Kahr P9.

    It has been quite an education that I have enjoyed as well.

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    Jon before you totally give up on shotguns, realize that there are some innovative options on the market. First is the Knoxx Compstock that comes in models for a few popular shotguns and it's supposed to make a noticeable difference.,1155,165.htm

    Next is the Beretta Xtrema2. A lot of cool technology went into this gun. It has amazing recoil reduction. There are a number of videos of this gun in action. Of course it's not the cheapest thing on the market either, but it's also easy to spend a lot more, too.

    I expressed my thoughts on the Judge in an earlier post in this thread. It's a cool gun but personally I wouldn't pick it as a defensive weapon because of concerns over the probablity of poor penetration with .410 shells, even with slugs. If you get one, I'd recommend sticking with the model that can shoot 3" magnum shells, IF you can find suitable 3" .410 buckshot.

    On the cocked and locked issue, keep in mind that even in that mode you're also protected by the grip safety and the simple matter that you have the gun secured in a holster with the trigger safely covered. I don't recommend an ambidextrious safety for ccw because I've heard of reports that it's easier to accidently disengage the safety by bumping up against something, but for a right-handed person using a typical strong-side holster, there's little risk of that with a standard safety level since the safety isn't on the side that can be bumped. I'd say you would be able to become comfortable with it in short order. If it's a carry gun meant for potential immediate use, I strongly recommend keeping a round in the chamber with whatever gun you chose.
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    Some of the gas operated automatics are lower recoil as well, had a sweet Browning that had little recoil compared to my remington and mossberg pumps. Most gune dealers will discuss recoil. My friend has a Barretta 20 auto he says shoot like a 22, not likely but it must be sweet for him to say that


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    hello to members south of the 49th . I have recently discovered a gun range here in Vancouver B.C. that's rents all kinds of guns .... has instruction etc .
    I plan to attend and shoot my first pistol . They say paraplegics welcome , Im T11-12 good upper body strength.

    I want to take this post sideways and ask If you as Americans that are disabled , think you get more respect from men when a small /medium dispute or incident occurs because of the second amendment.

    I have been dealing with local thugs and drug addicts that live across the lane for the last couple of years . Shouting matches then trash talk .... then the " If you weren't in a chair I would beat you silly " .... " shut the f ck up "

    I am sick of the fact that I have no voice ... no say in anything anymore


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